Once again, the month of April felt sweet, savory, and seriously significant — with a whole lot going on around the Diabetes Online Community (DOC).

There were so many posts worth mentioning, from blogs to social media platforms where both words and visuals tell stories about diabetes. Here’s our monthly roundup of faves that caught our eye, in no particular order.

Please chime in and flag your favorites too, if you like. We’ve love to hear from you!



In case you missed it: April 15 marked the historic anniversary of when insulin first became commercially available back in 1923. Cheers to Dr. Frederick Banting who co-discovered insulin and changed the diabetes world!


A huge congrats to our friends at Beyond Type 1, who received an esteemed “best of the Internet” Webby award for their incredible multi-media journalism package titled “Previously Healthy” — telling the tragic story of young Reegan Oxendine who died in 2013 from DKA as a result of undiagnosed type 1 diabetes. Congrats to the BT1 team for handling this sensitive subject so well.


This Instagram pic brings many smiles; it shows Carol (@getyourshittogethercarol) pre-wedding photo fun between her and her maid of honor with their diabetes gear on display.


The Atlantic Journal Constitution newspaper did some great journalism work on a shocking story about the high number Georgia prison inmates who didn’t get adequate diabetes care and died behind bars. We wish these stories didn’t need to be told, because diabetes shouldn’t be a death sentence for anyone.


Blood seemed to boil for many in the DOC when the low-carb “Type One Grit” group posted a controversial image, implying that eating higher-carb foods — particularly ice cream — are a leading cause of D-related complications and amputations. Dozens from around the DOC responded on various social media platforms, including bloggers Melinda Seed at Twice Diabetes and Allison Caggla at Diabetes Daily who touched on the fear-mongering, stigma-creating scare tactics of this horrible image. We concur and detest this kind of carb-shaming.


As noted above, division among our D-Community’s isn’t cool if it’s coming from a place of stigma and blame. We are in this together and, as this Instagram post by Women of Color iwith Diabetes tells us: T1Ds Need to Support Each Other! Let’s practice what we preach, Friends.


Our lives with diabetes certainly go up and down and all around, don’t they? That’s how Michelle over at the Love, Light & Insulin blog sees it, describing life with D like riding a “seesaw” as we struggle to manage this condition.


Have you heard about the Best Kept Secret in Diabetes? Well, fellow T1D blogger Renza Scibilia in Australia shares this revelation in an insightful blog post following a recent visit with her endo. It can be a lesson for us all, especially those working as healthcare professionals. (Spoiler alert: WE are the secret.)


A handful of diabetes advocates attended the annual HealtheVoices conference recently, including our friend Mike Durbin from My Diabetic Heart, who had glowing things to report about this “amazing weekend of connections, education, empowerment and support.” We also appreciated seeing that D-peep Chelcie Rice was speaking there, about the importance of community and the pressing need for more diversity both online and offline. (btw, there was a great Diabetes Moments podcast talk between Chelcie and advocate Cherise Shockley this month, too!).


There’s this big movie called Avengers: Endgame you might have heard of that’s all the rage right now, and D-Mom Stacey Simms shared a fun spin on how the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and the Hulk himself, helped her son better manage his T1D. Great stuff!


We enjoyed seeing this photo from Gabby (@type.wonderful) on Instagram about doing her first-ever Disney run for diabetes, showing off her OmniPod while sprinting toward the finish line!


Great stuff this month, as always. Please send along your own D-post picks for May to us via email. Or drop us a line on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram. We look forward to hearing from you!

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