We hope you’re also taking it easy and enjoying some time off with friends and family over this Thanksgiving break. And if you’re into Black Friday shopping, may the best of holiday bargains be with you!

Of course, our diabetes never takes a holiday, so here are a few specific “Thanksgiving and Diabetes” resources that might come in handy at this food-centric time:

We also wanted to take a moment to reflect on how thankful and appreciative we are for some specific diabetes items:

  • Technology, Treatment + Tools: All kinds of new tech and treatments keep coming out to help us manage our diabetes, and it’s an especially exciting time in the world of continuous glucose monitors (CGMs) and emerging closed loop systems. Of course, there’s also an app for everything nowadays giving people so many tools to help manage their health. Naturally, Your Diabetes May Vary with any of these, but having them as options is a good thing and we definitely have to appreciate the innovation!
  • CGM (Rocks): We so appreciate our Dexcom CGMs on this food-saturated holiday. And our team also appreciates our Afrezza inhaled insulin that acts so quickly to bring down our BGs when our willpower falters 🙂
  • People: This is totally worth highlighting. YOU are on our list of things we’re thankful for. We appreciate all of you coming here to read our stuff and send tips our way. And just generally speaking, we are so grateful for everything you all do to help make this world better (for diabetes and beyond).
  • Access, Affordability + Awareness: While this remains a huge problem and concern in the diabetes space, we are thankful for all of the people doing what they can to make a difference… from big and small orgs to individual advocates, to those just raising awareness by sharing their personal stories. We send our support and best wishes to all the PWDs and families out there fighting the good fight with insurers, third-party supply companies and healthcare professionals to get what they need to thrive!

Here at the ‘Mine, we try to do our part by keeping our ears to the ground to let you all know what’s happening that might be important for your life with diabetes. At the end of the day, it’s about providing information that you can hopefully use in some way to enrich your own life.

Please let us know what you’re thankful for!

With that, we leave you with this Turkey Day illustration, from our T1 friend and artist Terry Keelan in California:


Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!