Just about 5 shopping days left until Christmas! And Hanukkah?  Forget it.  It starts this Sunday evening at sundown, so if you're not shopped up and wrapped up by now, you are in some deep egg nog.

Holiday stress getting to you yet?  Great.  Share your coping techniques here — your very last chance to enter the DiabetesMine HOLIDAY SURVIVAL SWEEPSTAKES this year.

i.e. this week's question:

Please post your input as a comment on this week's main post, or here if you must.

btw, I am not very ready for Hanukkah myself this year, with the long wish lists from our three girls.  Oh, Hanukkah with Diabetes, I tell you!  My catch-up strategy is a big "wrapping party" with my husband on Saturday in which we can hopefully find all the gifts I've been stuffing in closets for the last few weeks.

I do want to wish all my Jewish friends and readers out there a very Happy Hanukkah this year!  May you be more organized than I.  Here's the latest addition to our Menorah collection, handmade out of Sculpey by my 9-year-old:

For those unfamiliar, Hanukkah (also spelled Chanukah because it is transliterated out of Hebrew) is a celebration of religious freedom and national survival.  In fact, it's been called "the ultimate religious-freedom holiday" because the eight-night festival celebrates "the commitment of a group of people who fought for their right to live in a greater society but not be pressured or forced to be the same religiously."

So Happy Festival of Lights, all you free spirits!

** REMINDER: This final sweepstakes round will be closed for submissions at midnight Pacific time on Sunday Dec. 21.**

{end note: what's better than receiving a box full of pump supplies? Um, a box full of chocolate, of course ;) }

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