Back_talk Yes, I do realize that I have a tendency to dig fairly deep into a topic ONCE, and then move on. So this time I'm sharing some of the feedback and fallout from recent posts:

* Much better coverage of Adam Morrison yesterday, on the front page of the San Francisco Chronicle. Headline: "Diabetic at the Top of the Game." Reporter Sabin Russell writes that this rambunctous athlete "brings with him a lesson in diabetes management -- educating by example about Type 1 diabetes, a disease that long ago killed the children who developed it but that now can be controlled with a lifetime of medication, careful eating and self-discipline." Hey! Somebody finally GETS IT!!

(And Morrison rocked playing UCLA in Oakland last night, btw, until Gonzaga blew it. That's one way to see a diabetic in anguish!)

* Thank you all for your commiseration and your recommendations on combating chronic yeast. So I'm imagining myself slathered in yogurt, raw goat's milk, avocado, and coconut oil, with some garlic where the sun don't shine -- wearing nice soft cotton panties with a panty-liner, of course. The tragic thing is that I can't even have a nice cold friggin' diet Coke! (any real evidence on the diet soda thing?) By the way, cranberry juice is good for combatting Bladder Infections, a whole 'nother animal (to which I am also no stranger). And besides, the reason I wanted the friggin' diet Coke in the first place was because I have given up fruit juice!! Diabetic, remember?

* In a very innovative response to my commentary on "The Other End of PR," a guy named Ramsey Makar wrote to tell me about the special "Diabetic Friendly Muffins" he created for his mother. They are all-natural, sweetened with Splenda, and contain less than 6 grams of non-fiber carbs. But I can't even eat wheat, so why do I care? Because unlike the other folks who tried pitching me, Ramsey not only offered "review samples," he even set up a special DiabetesMine discount link, offering 25% off to my readers. I thought his initiative was worthy of a plug. Now let me know how they taste, will ya?

* If you also missed the Charlie Rose special on diabetes, David Mendosa passed on the tip that you can order the program for 99 cents HERE. KSC over at Siwgrstorm had a lot to say about the show. I like how she's Thinking Big: what about US corn subsidies? They're helping push high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) on the population of America (!), which we collectively need like a hole in the head. I like how she ties in the Slow Food movement, a global campaign to revert to a style of eating that actually includes savoring and gradually digesting your food. (What a concept!) So did we all think the Charlie Rose show was good thing or a bad thing for us D-types? I think it's all good as long as there's no marked misinformation, and it gets people talking.

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