We're back with our third installment of the 2013 DiabetesMine 'Aware-lidays' Giveaway, Awarelidays Icon 2013combining November's D-Awareness with the approaching holiday season hoopla...

Or the diabetes math equation: Awareness + Holidays = 'Aware-lidays!'

After giving away some stylish carry bags in our first round and then a customized exercise coaching package this past week, we're excited to turn our attention to some yummy blood-sugar-friendly snacks that might be especially appealing this time of year with all that holiday feasting just around the bend.

You may have heard of Extend Nutrition, the brainchild of Dr. Francine Kaufman, famous pediatric endo who's now Chief Medical Officer of Medtronic Diabetes -- whom we've had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know over the past several years. Years ago, she took to her very own kitchen to create a snack formula that would stretch carb absorption to keep blood sugar impact to a minimum "longer than anything else on the market."

Extend now has 17 flavors that range from snack bars to crunchy rice cake-like crisps, to shake mixes. These gluten-free snacks are largely soy-based and made with lean protein and healthy fats, and most importantly they are low-glycemic carbs that don't spike your blood sugar.

If the effect is as promised, what PWD (person with diabetes) can argue with that?!

Extend marketing states that their snacks can "help control blood sugar for up to 9 hours." Presumably this is most effective for PWDs not on insulin, controlling their BG levels through diet and activity. The company states that while typical snacks metabolize during a 1-2 hour period and cause a rapid rise in blood sugar followed by the risk of BG crashes, the Extend Nutrition snacks don't cause that spike-crash-crave cycle.

Check out this link on how their food science works: "The key ingredient is uncooked corn starch, a low-glycemic carbohydrate that metabolizes slowly and helps to control blood sugar for longer than anything else on the market."

They even have peer-reviewed clinical studies to officially illustrate those effects.

And with the FDA's news back in August about defining "gluten free" for the first time, Extend Nutrition is proud to say that it's officially "gluten free" and in full compliance with the new rules -- happy news for me personally, with my gluten-intolerance issue.

I've tried out their bars on many occassions and find them yummy and filling. I'm pretty much a snack and granola bar addict, so when I say these are good, I have plenty of context for comparing them to other, more mealy varieties. I can't honestly say that my blood sugar was magically controlled for up to 9 hours, but they did have the same minimal impact on my BG as other high-protein bars, which are always a better bet than "regular" snack bars that are low-protein and low-fiber.

Our whole team also recently got the chance to try their new Savory Crisps (like mini rice cakes in good flavors) and sweet-variety Drizzles when the company generously sent us sample packs. I must admit I LOVED the Drizzles, which, just as they suggest, make an awesome lunchtime snack when you're craving something sweet, but you know... have diabetes.

Extend Nutrition Logo

You can buy Extend snacks in pretty much any U.S. food or drug store you can think of, but here's a comprehensive listing of places to purchase, FYI.

Of course, if you happen to be hoping to win some in a giveaway -- or get a special exclusive discount -- you came to the right place!


Our Aware-lidays Giveaway

Extend Nutrition Package

Extend Nutrition has a pretty cool prize in store for one lucky winner -- a 30-serving package of snacks that you get to flavor-customize!

  • 5 bags of Extend Drizzles (choice of caramel bliss and/or chocolate dream)

  • 5 bags of Extend Crisps (choice of cinnamon, BBQ, zesty ranch, italian herb, white cheddar, or a variety)

  • 5 Extend Shake mixes + Blender Bottle (choice of chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, or a variety)

  • 15 Extend Bars (chocolate, peanut, PB Chocolate, apple cinnamon, mixed berry, or a variety)

To win, all you have to do is leave a comment below answering this question:

What's your favorite holiday-season snack to curb hunger and keep you off the gooey stuff? (and NO, it doesn't have to be Extend bars!)

Be sure to include the keyword "DMProducts" somewhere in your comment so we know you're interested in the gift pack.

You have until Friday, Nov. 22, at 5pm PST to enter. A valid email address is required to win.

The winner will be chosen using Random.org and announced via Facebook and Twitter on Monday, Nov. 25, so make sure you're following us! Good luck, Snackers!

And that's not all: we get to "extend" this offer offer (ha!) with something for all of our readers...


'Mine Reader Discount

Extend Nutrition is offering an exclusive discount for 'Mine readers: Just enter the discount code "DMINE" when checking out at www.ExtendBar.com for 20% off your entire order without a minimum purchase amount required. That includes the typical free shipping they offer on any orders over $42. This offer expires one year from today, so that would shoot us to Nov. 18, 2014.

So whether you win our giveaway or not, Everyone Wins today, right?

This contest is now closed. Congrats to Heidi Shell, a fellow PWD and diabetes blogger at The D-Log Cabin who Random.org chose as winner of this giveaway!

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