Speaking of Technology Friday! ...  I received notice this morning that Medtronic is swooping in to assist current users of the Deltec Cozmo pump being discontinued by Smiths Medical.  They're actually offering a pretty sweet deal:

For a 90-day period starting today, existing Cozmo users can "upgrade" to the Medtronic Paradigm pump system (which happens to be the only insulin pump connected with a continuous glucose monitor, if you wish to go the full route). The terms are as follows:

* you get the Medtronic pump at a discounted price, plus a $500 credit for trading in your pink-medtronic-pumpold Cozmo pump

* you receive a recertified** Medtronic Paradigm 522 or 722 insulin pump (now also available in pink!), plus 30 days of supplies (1 box infusion sets, 1 box reservoirs, 1 insertion device), and a two-year insulin pump warranty -- which may be longer than their legacy Cozmo warranty for many patients

(** recertified means "refurbished and restored" -- the same procedure Medtronic uses with its in-house upgrade customers)

* you can actually get the new pump for FREE by accruing points over a one-year period. All you have to do is participate in four online Medtronic consumer surveys within the year.

All the details are available at  www.MedtronicDiabetes.com/cares. Or by calling 1-800 MiniMed (800-646-4633), Option 6.

I know switching will be difficult for die-hard Cozmo fans, because we tend to become very attached to our pumps (pun acknowledged).  I wanted to note that when I mentioned this fact to Medtronic Communications Manager Steve Sabicer, he had the following to say:

"We're trying to help as many people as possible with this offer. We don't want to put pressure on anyone.  We understand that the pump is part of you, and that it may be very disconcerting to think that it's no longer available. Please know that Medtronic is committed to customer service and support in these hard economic times."

Personally, I've never experienced having my pump system yanked away like this, but my feeling right now is that I'd probably jump on the Medtronic offer to switch now, while the switchin's good.


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