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As we ease into November (aka National Diabetes Awareness Month), it’s worth taking a moment to look back on what October has brought us from the Diabetes Online Community (DOC). There’s been a whole lot of action, given the unpredictable nature of 2020 when anything and everything appears to be on tap. Despite today’s Halloween theme, the posts we’ve seen have served to inspire and entertain more than scare us.

COVID-19 may be shutting down Halloween trick-or-treating this year, but there are still some fun diabetes-themed costumes on display for 2020! Check out this Halloween-y post at Type 1 Everyday Magic.

With the weather cooling down this time of year, these clever diabetes witch shirts and hoodies may be a perfect option to stay warm and snugly.

As the global health pandemic continues, it’s fascinating to read about experiences of people with diabetes (PWDs) participating in clinical research exploring the virus and possible vaccines. One of those type 1 study participants, Helene Cooper, shares her story in a recent podcast at Diabetes Connections.

The election season and political-everything can make the blood pressure rise, as Molly at Hugging the Cactus blog knows too well. She shares an important POV on a recent political claim about the cost of insulin.

Say hello to the Beta Cell Foundation, a new grassroots diabetes non-profit organization. Founded by fellow type 1 and podcaster Craig Stubing, it has some lofty goals of helping to fund community-based programs and activities that help PWDs. See their Twitter thread and Instagram posts for more details.

No way around it: This shirt is awesome! Thanks to D-peep Anita Nicole Brown for sharing it on Instagram.

How do you know what diabetes news is reliable? D-Moms Stacey Simms and Moira McCarthy Stanford share their thoughts on that topic in a new Diabetes Connections podcast.

Diabetes data can be both enlightening and hand-clenching at times, and it’s important to keep in mind that there are “gatekeepers” out there who make decisions about who can access your data. Our Australian type 1 friend Renza Scibilia has an insightful blog post on that topic.

Eating disorders can be compounded by diabetes because there’s such a food focus in managing this condition, and our relationship with food can be, well, tricky. D-Dad Scott Benner at the Juicebox Podcast shares an important story on this issue, talking with a PWD who’s experienced this herself.

Our hearts go out to OG diabetes advocate Scott Johnson, who lost his beloved father this past month. Read his moving tribute titled, “He was the best I could ask for.”

Congrats to D-peep Rob Howe over at Diabetics Doing Things, who recently got married and celebrated that special moment in life even with everything happening in the world. Be sure to wish Rob and his new wife the best!

Happy Halloween, Diabetes Community!

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