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The close of spring 2021 brings an increasing number of COVID-19 vaccinations across the world, and we’re seeing restrictions being eased.

That all brings a sense of hope, especially for people with diabetes (PWDs) who are at higher risk for worse outcomes from the novel coronavirus behind this pandemic.

Meanwhile, May brought us Mother’s Day and Memorial Day and everything in between, while we all continue working to best manage our mental health in these uncertain times. Here’s our rundown of posts that caught our eye this past month, in no particular order:

Mother’s Day reminded us to celebrate motherhood, and D-Dad Scott Benner did so with this Juicebox Podcast interview with a D-Mom who not only has a daughter with type 1 diabetes (T1D), but also happens to be a veterinarian who treats animals with diabetes. What a fascinating, multi-layered listen!

From Gift to Greed is a new insulin affordability campaign launched by the UK-based advocacy group T1International. It kicked off in mid-May to focus on this important issue, during the 100th anniversary year of insulin’s discovery. Advocates involved with the #insulin4all movement will be speaking out to educate the community on the history of insulin, share personal stories and push for change.

With May being Mental Health Month, many in the diabetes community shared their personal challenges with the psychosocial aspects of diabetes, and how that’s impacted their lives. One of those heartfelt posts came from our own Mike Hoskins at DiabetesMine, who shared his struggles and what he’s done to create the best possible diabetes/life balance for himself.

May also marked Healthy Vision Month, and for those with diabetes, eye complications can be a daunting and scary aspect of life with this condition. Thankfully, the American Diabetes Association (ADA) launched an initiative focused on this topic that included sharing some personal stories of those in the D-Community who’ve experienced eye issues related to diabetes.

A ‘Big Book of Diabetes’? Everyone with this condition should have one on their bookshelves, writes Renza Scibilia in Australia. Her latest post describes what would be included in the chapters of this volume, if she were tasked with creating it. We love this line she includes, too: “Everyone’s Big Book of Diabetes would be just what we need, in a format we love, and use words that speak to us. And it would remind us that we’re enough.”

Este Haim

Pop band HAIM has a personal T1D connection, as bassist Este Haim was diagnosed at 14. They’ve recently been profiled in the “protest edition” of the Under the Radar magazine, and are notably using the band’s platform to advocate on insulin price-gouging and the need for expanded access to continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) tech for all, including those without diabetes.

Speaking of insulin pricing, advocate Mila Clarke Buckley asked an important question on Instagram and other social media platforms about what people would be able to do in life if not for the high cost of insulin. She got more than 200 responses, and more will likely be shared as those posts continue circulating in the DOC. Some said they could buy a house, go on vacations, save for retirement, pay down credit card debt, and much more. If only.

ICYMI, an incredible video chat took place in May featuring some outstanding advocates and voices within the D-Community. Over at Children With Diabetes, our friend Cherise Shockley moderated a great chat with ADA chief Tracey D. Brown and Beyond Type 2’s T’ara Smith, delving into the various types of diabetes and how both our commonalities and diversity are so important to recognize.

There’s always so much diabetes news happening all around the world, and we’re fortunate to have D-Mom Stacey Simms on top of everything with her new “In the News” feature on her Diabetes Connections podcast each week. Be sure to take a listen!

Is there a ‘Healthy for People with Diabetes’ seal in the United States? There is now! Our friend and well-known T1D advocate Manny Hernandez recently wrote about it on his personal blog. He shared how the ADA recently launched a ‘Better Choices for Life’ program that includes the organization’s endorsement for certain products they deem to be especially healthy for PWDs.

We share our favorites every month, and would love to include yours. Please send along your picks for the month of June to us via email, or ping us on InstagramFacebook, or Twitter.