What a surreal time this is, with a global pandemic changing day-to-day life in so many ways. It’s been stressful and eye-opening. The notion of “March Madness” has taken on a whole new level of meaning.

Fortunately, our Diabetes Online Community remains ever-strong in sharing stories and information across many platforms.

We wanted to share some warm appreciation for all those who have bared their hearts and souls online this month. No doubt, pandemic mode is top of mind, but it isn’t the only topic being shared.

Here’s a roundup of must-reads that caught our eye this month.

March marks Women’s History Month, and we remain honored and grateful for all the women who have made their mark on our community and continue making a difference in diabetes.

A bunch of diabetes in-person gatherings are canceled due to the new coronavirus. Many people are working from home now, too, but that doesn’t mean everyone’s isolated without any connection. You can find online events like the Friends for Life (FFL-Indy) conference, or this informal meetup of several diabetes podcasters, led by D-Mom Stacey Simms at the “Diabetes Connections” podcast.

D-Dad Tom Karlya observes the absurd, in that this COVID-19 pandemic is like a “new normal… again” for many of us in the D-Community.

Our friends at Diabetes Daily have created a new community forum to discuss a variety of topics related to the COVID-19 outbreak. It’s a resource worth checking out.

Two Australian friends are sharing different insights on how they’re navigating life with diabetes during these uncertain times. Thanks to both Renza Scibilia at Diabetogenic for her Why I’m Not Stockpiling Diabetes post, and Frank Sita at Type 1 Writes for sharing his practice of being vigilant in these times.

With insulin being so very expensive, broken vials can be quite heartbreaking. We felt the pain when seeing this random Facebook photo in a community group…

Many folks are finding some smiles by viewing the surging number of spoof songs popping up about coronavirus quarantine woes, like these Broadway performers putting on a full-scale musical production of “One Day More” while in isolation, and Neil Diamond performing a spin-off of his own hit tune, “Sweet Caroline.”

TikTok and diabetes… yep, it exists. This social media video platform is aimed at short comedy, dance, and lip-syncing videos. You can find some related to T1D by searching for “diabetes.” You might just find yourself sucked into this addictive platform…

An imaginative teen with type 1 diabetes is taking a twist on the #WeAreNotWaiting spirit in creating a brand-new platform for adolescents to connect online. Check out what young T1D Carson Wedding has in mind.

Longtime type 1 Phyllis Kaplan shared her recent NYC adventure over at her Dinobetic blog. Despite the public health crisis, she managed to get a full makeover, including new hair and clothing, from esteemed TV personality and stylist Clinton Kelly. Looking great, Phyllis!

Decorating our diabetes devices can make living with this chronic condition less blah. And no one seems to be able to make diabetes look as good as D-peep Anita Nicole Brown, as she shows off on Instagram!

People helping people. During this scary time of isolation, it’s heartening to see themes of help, community, and camaraderie — like shipping extra supplies and meds to those in need, offering reassurance and virtual hugs, or recommending creative ways to make do. Props to nonprofit advocacy org Beyond Type 1 for this quick, reassuring Facebook Live video that hits these notes perfectly.

Here’s to that D-Community spirit as we move forward!

We share our favorites every month and would love to include yours. Please send along your picks for the month of April to us via email, or ping us on InstagramFacebook, or Twitter.