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Our Diabetes Online Community (DOC) consists of a tapestry of different perspectives on multiple platforms — all connected by diabetes, in some way. Yet, there is an awakening these days that diverse voices are not always included in the mainstream as much as they should be.

We at DiabetesMine are committed to shining a light on those lesser-heard voices and critical topics as much as possible. We’d appreciate all of your help in this. Please reach out with feedback, topic suggestions, or if you’re interested in penning a guest post to share your as-yet-unheard story.

In that spirit, we bring you the latest edition of our monthly DOC Roundup, featuring topics and voices that caught our attention during the month of June 2021:

Celebrating dads is always a big part of June and those in the Diabetes Community are no exception! We appreciate this post from D-Dad Tom Karlya, who shares a heartfelt perspective on being a parent of a child with type 1 diabetes (T1D) and watching as they grow into adults and take on their own care.

Valuable and hugely important discussions on diversity, equity, and inclusion happened throughout June in the D-Community, as we marked Juneteenth once again. There were many BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) voices sharing their stories and talking specifically about the need to do better in diabetes care and when it comes to peer support. It was also great to see a push to recognize the issue of inequities in disaster preparedness, as expressed by a group of BIPOC diabetes advocates. Please watch this video on the issue and fill out the survey to lend your voice to this effort.

June marked Pride Month as well, showcasing recognition and acceptance for our LGBTQ+ brethren. We loved this coming out story featured by JDRF, this shout-out from the Sugar Mommas Facebook group, and this rainbow decorated Dexcom sensor by @midnightbutterflyiris on Instagram, to name just a few.

The American Diabetes Association’s 81st Scientific Sessions took place June 25 to 29. For the second year in a row, due to the COVID-19 crisis, this annual conference was completely virtual. It brought together more than 15,000 people from across the globe to talk about anything and everything in diabetes research as well as future technology and treatments. The main hashtag for this event is #ADA2021 and you can check out the full agenda and some of the materials at the ADA’s online meeting site.

ICYMI, the DiabetesMine D-Data Exchange, took place a week before the Sci Sessions and brought many different topics of discussion on data, devices, and more. Be sure to check out the hashtags #DData, #DData2021, and #WeAreNotWaiting, as well as our DiabetesMine summary of the event here.

Nick Jonas, #WhenInRange

A global campaign focused on time in range for those with diabetes kicked off in mid-June, with celebrity actor Nick Jonas (who has T1D himself) and several others working with continuous glucose monitoring company Dexcom and multiple nonprofit diabetes orgs to promote this effort. You can learn more about this #WhenInRange initiative here.

Insulin pricing remains a hot button issue across the United States, particularly as we mark the 100th anniversary in 2021 of insulin’s discovery. Mississippi is one of the latest states to join in the effort trying to hold big Pharma and the middle-men of drug pricing accountable for outrageous — and too often deadly — insulin prices.

Diabetes jokes are a never-ending source of ire in the DOC, and this past month brought on a new hullabaloo from those trying to poke fun inappropriately at diabetes. The Beta Cell Podcast on Twitter (and other social media channels) was one outfit calling this out for discussion, initiating a thread that captured the frustration many of us experience when seeing people without diabetes trying to use it as a misguided point or make it a punchline.

We got an LOL from this post by Megan Cornelius, who is @pushupsnpumps on Instagram. She points out the “EAT ALL THE CARBS” phenom that hits so many of us with diabetes when low blood sugars strike. Thanks for the humor, Megan!

We share our favorites each month and would love to include yours, too. Please ping us via email or on FacebookInstagram, or Twitter.