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In the height of summer, many are finding hope as the COVID-19 pandemic begins loosening its grip on the globe. As we navigate this strange transition mode, there is (as always) a whole lot going on around the Diabetes Online Community (DOC).

Here’s our monthly roundup of favorite posts that caught our eye, in no particular order.

As we marked the July 4th holiday in the United States once again, we couldn’t help but think back on this celebratory post at RRSpin by Lance Martin on his type 2 diabetes (T2D), titled “An Independence Day from Insulin.” We also got a smile from DOC friends who had some fun decorating their diabetes devices and gadgets, in honor of the Fourth of July. All that said, we are of course reminded that historically, People of Color were not able to celebrate the same level of freedom that all Americans should enjoy.

Sticky summer weather often leads to concerns about how heat and humidity can make diabetes management more challenging, ranging from the blood sugar impact to wearing diabetes devices and how insulin might be affected when temperatures get so hot. It’s good to know there are many resources available as we all face changing climate issues and pay more attention to how we’re preparing for natural disasters — especially given disparities in readiness for diabetes disaster response.

We were thrilled to see the popular Friends For Life conference return to an in-person event in early July, marking a return from everything being all-virtual because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Though a smaller event in Orlando than is typical, #FFLorlando21 brought nearly 1,000 people together for the fun DisneyWorld summer experience. We’re excited to see more diabetes events following FFL’s lead in returning in person as we move forward out of this pandemic.

A newer podcast in our Diabetes Community is Healing in Hindsight, a creation of Taylor Daniele in Texas who lives with T2D. She launched her podcast in mid-2020 as a “weekly show for millennial diabetics,” tackling everything from “mindset to nutrition, even sex, I talk about it all. No filters. No censors. Just real talk.” Her podcasts share her own struggles and triumphs with T2D, plus chats with others in the D-Community. We highly recommend listening to this podcast and checking out her website, if you haven’t already!

National Diabetes Week in Australia came around again in mid-July, and our D-blogging peep Renza Scibilia wrote this remarkable piece about “diabetes stigma from inside the diabetes world.” It’s an insightful read that’s worth reading and mulling over, no matter where you may be in the world.

An upcoming Pixar movie will feature a character with diabetes who happens to be wearing an insulin pump or continuous glucose monitor (CGM) device! Yep, sneak peeks of the “Turning Red” animated flick coming in 2022 hit the web, with the trailer showing a girl wearing some sort of diabetes device on her upper arm. Images circulated online drew quite the interest from the DOC, with many loving the representation here. Our friend Heather Gabel Walker, a newly-minted PhD (!), wrote an open letter to the movie’s director about what this means for the entire community, no matter what type of diabetes one lives with.

Podcaster and fellow T1D Rob Howe at Diabetics Doing Things shared a great podcast episode with Lina Kazii, who lives in Washington, D.C., but is from Rwanda and is doing an incredible job advocating for others who may be underrepresented with this condition.

Is diabetes a disability? Opinions may vary on that, even though it is definitely defined as a “disability” per United States law. This topic can draw heated opinions, whether in regards to school policy or employment, or about “playing the diabetes card” at DisneyWorld or other destinations. Be sure to take a look at this informative Beyond Type 1 post delving into this issue.

Actress and advocate Anita Nicole Brown is launching a new T1D-focused series on Instagram, and we’re excited to see how this “Sugar Me Saturday” segment materializes.

Don’t forget that it’s a big year, as the 100th anniversary of insulin being discovered a century ago. And this month specifically, the date July 27 marks a significant moment in history, as that date in 1921 was when the legendary Drs. Frederick G. Banting and Charles Best first isolated insulin in their Toronto lab.

In honoring insulin’s beginnings, it’s important to keep in mind the outrageous reality that in 2021, so many people who need this life-sustaining medication can’t afford it. Global advocacy group T1international keeps it real by talking about insulin affordability, making sure that #insulin4all is on the mind in this point 100 years after insulin’s discovery.

In case you’re wondering: You can be allergic to insulin, the very drug you may need to survive as a diabetic! D-Dad Scott Benner has this eye-opening episode over at The Juicebox Podcast that explains this phenomenon. Definitely worth a listen!

We love Project Blue November group on Facebook (and other social media platforms) that regularly features interesting news and tidbits our D-Community might care about. Lately, they’re showcasing some great “diabetes funnies” that were originally featured on a weekly basis here at DiabetesMine for many years.

ICYMI, Medicare made a big policy shiftin allowing coverage of CGM devices for its beneficiaries who use insulin. There’s still a lot of advocacy needed for further policy change, but this is a big step forward for our community!

Sadly, our community said goodbye to fellow T1D Erin Gilmer (@GilmerHealthLaw), who many have known for her roles as a healthcare attorney, prolific blogger at Health As a Human Right, and passionate advocate for all things on disability, health, and insulin affordability. We at DiabetesMine had known her for many years, once even hosting her at our annual DiabetesMine Innovation Summit several years back. Erin, you’ve mattered and made a huge difference for so many, and there is no doubt your story will live on.

That’s what has been on our radar in the DOC in the past month or so.

We share our favorites each month and would love to include yours, too. Please ping us via email or on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.