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We’ve now welcomed in a new year and our Diabetes Online Community (DOC) has had plenty to say during this first month of 2021. Here are some of the excellent posts that caught our eye in January.

It was very cool seeing Justice Sonia Sotomayor, the first-ever Latina to serve on the nation’s highest court, swearing in the new Vice President Kamala Harris… and knowing that Sotomayor is also one of our own in the Diabetes Community, as she’s lived with type 1 diabetes (T1D) since childhood.

OK, so we have a new White House administration, but life with diabetes still requires diligence. Thanks for Shaw Strothers over on Instagram for reminding us of that.

Sea shanties have gone viral on TikTok recently, and that brings us back to a classic diabetes-related sea shanty post from the years before it was even cool. Be sure to check out “Banting’s Imparted Years” on YouTube.

2021 marks the 100-year anniversary of insulin’s discovery, and January 11, 1922, was the day the first person received an insulin dose. We appreciate this Juicebox Podcast blog post highlighting those historic moments and what this has meant for people with diabetes ever since.

A new podcast series called More Than a Diabetic has now launched, immediately delving into important topics such as diversity and inclusion, healthcare inequities and racism, diabetes stereotypes and so much more. Make sure you listen in to the candid talk of the first few episodes, at least.

The deadly COVID-19 crisis remains top-of-mind in our online community, and that includes concerns over vaccine prioritization for those who live with T1D. Numerous diabetes advocacy groups have urged federal health officials to give equal access to all types of diabetes in vaccine distribution.

Beyond Type 1 is hosting a “community table” Zoom conversation each month during 2021, delving into an array of under-discussed issues. Make sure to check that out throughout the year.

No doubt, 2020 was a tough year for all of us, and we appreciated reading this blog post and seeing an accompanying video by Miss Jen Grieves, reflecting on the state of the world and her own diabetes story these days.

Our Australian type 1 blogging friend Frank Sita marked a blog-aversary in January and he shares what fascinates him about the diabetes blogosphere and what the DOC journey has meant for him so far.

Huge appreciation to Puerto Rico-based T1D peep Gabriela Rivera Martínez, who recently shared an important POV on the topic of Latinx healthcare access and life with diabetes as a Latino here at DiabetesMine.

Carb-counting is a struggle for many in the D-Community and can bring a lot of headaches and stress to our lives. This great personal post by Cherise Shockley at diaTribe touches on her recent experiences navigating carb counting challenges and how she’s trying to be honest with herself in managing her diabetes.

Over on Instagram, Phyllisa at Black Diabetic Info hosted a live stream during what she classified as “Sugar Awareness Week,” to discuss diabetes stigma and myths. Definitely worth a listen.

Honoring an amazing global diabetes advocate that our community lost recently, the UK-based nonprofit T1International wrote a tribute to Stewart Tembo from Zimbabwe. He lived with T1D himself and was a diabetes educator who advocated on pressing issues of equity, access, and affordability.

We share our favorite posts each month and would love to include yours, too. Please ping us via email or on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.