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We’re now two months into 2021 and many in the Diabetes Online Community (DOC) are in the throes of a pandemic-era winter of frigid weather. Meanwhile, there’s been a lot to keep our brains busy during this past month, from varying views on the Dexcom Super Bowl ad with Nick Jonas to diabetes love in the air with Valentine’s Day.

In no particular order, here’s our monthly roundup of posts that caught our eye in the online community throughout February.

Generosity was on display in the DOC with the annual #SpareARose effort, raising over $74,000 for the Life for a Child (LFAC) program before the end of February, during this 9th consecutive year of the campaign. Kudos to this simple notion of sacrificing a single rose and donating the cost of that flower to help get insulin for children with diabetes in need across the globe.

Dexcom’s Super Bowl commercial with Nick Jonas sparked a lot of chatter within the D-Community, with some inspired by the ad and others offended by the ad’s message, or simply unhappy that the CGM company would spend millions of dollars on a TV ad.

Love was in the air for Valentine’s Day, bringing some great posts and laughs sprinkled throughout the online community — including these artistic creations by Miss Diabetes, and this fun diabetes-themed Valentine from @type1diabeteswarriors.

“10 years ago today, I died in my bathtub from diabetes…” Wow, what a headline to catch your attention. This raw, straight-from-the-heart post is a must-read from D-advocate Phyllisa Deroze, first misdiagnosed with type 2 diabetes before eventually discovering years later that she had adult-diagnosed type 1 diabetes (T1D). Phyllisa delves into her story of how Valentine’s Day brings her to tears each year after 2011.

Some say that diabetes blogs are a dying breed, but our friend Renza Scibilia in Australia feels differently. She goes on the defense about diabetes blogs and shares her POV on why they’re so important, even today.

In the UK, the Diabetic Dad blogger also reflects on the DOC and how diversity and inclusion remains ever so important. He notes it’s our responsibility to ensure that as many voices as possible are represented, and it’s not always the same old lineup of faces and perspectives being shared.

People with diabetes have a lot on our minds, with all our daily management tasks. This classic image shared by We Are Diabetes on Instagram captures that perfectly. Despite use of the somewhat outdated term “diabetic,” it’s definitely share-worthy, especially when we D-folks get asked, “what’s going on?”

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An OG in the DOC is fellow blogger Chris Stocker at The Life of a Diabetic, who not only lives with T1D diabetes himself but also has a young daughter who was diagnosed 2 years ago. In a recent Diabetes Connections podcast hosted by D-Mom Stacey Simms, Chris talks about what it’s been like for his family to adjust to their new situation. He also has a great message for any men who live with T1D.

Life with diabetes complications is not easy, but it can be sweet. We recently talked about this with T1D survivor and celebrity home designer John Wiltgen, as did fellow D-blogger Scott Johnson, who shared an excellent interview with Wiltgen on his positive attitude and the power of storytelling.

A doctor to know in the D-community is tech-savvy endocrinologist Rayhan Lal of Stanford Medicine. He specializes in both adult and pediatric diabetes, and recently gave an incredibly informative “Screenside Chat” talk on diabetes and COVID-19, shared by Savvy Diabetic blogger Joanne Milo here.

If you need a refresher on when to consume sugar and when to use emergency glucagon, look no further than this Taking Control of Your Diabetes (TCOYD) post by Dr. Steven Edelman. “First of all, we do not treat a specific number…” he writes.

Keeping it real over at the new More than a Diabetic podcast is fellow T1D Eritrea Mussa Khan. We enjoyed hearing her story, experiences with diabetes misdiagnosis and stigma, and what led her to being part of this new podcast team.

Please share any D-posts that may catch your eye in the next month by pinging us via email, on Instagram @DiabetesMineNews, on Twitter @DiabetesMine, or on our Facebook page.