This is a very special February in 2020, since it’s the first of a new decade but also a leap year! And somehow that extra day seems to have generated even more love than usual from the Diabetes Online Community (DOC).

We wanted to share some warm appreciation of our fellow DOC’ers who’ve bared their hearts and souls once again in a month of outstanding posts on different platforms around this online community.

Here are the “must reads” that caught our eye this month:

Grassroots advocacy group T1International launched a hugely important campaign called Communities of Color, aiming to highlight the need for better representation and inclusion of people of color (PoC) within our D-community. With T1I’s key focus on insulin affordability and access, this campaign will also encourage participation and inclusion of PoC in the #insulin4all movement.

The hot issue of outrageous insulin prices was also on full display at the State of the Union address, with more than a dozen Members of Congress inviting diabetes advocates as guests to this annual address from the president to lawmakers. Media coverage highlights some of those individuals present, and we were proud to read this post from Illinois D-advocate Cindy Ramos about her type 2 diabetes and experience attending the SOTU.

Speaking of insulin prices, nonprofit media company ProPublica is doing a year-long journalism project focused on this very topic and wants to hear from more of us in the DOC, as well as others who play a part in this grand puzzle of drug pricing for diabetes. We’re eager to see what materializes from that.

Need a diabetes love letter to make your heart swell? We loved this one penned by type 1 D-peep Briana to her husband, over at Diabetes Daily in honor of Valentine’s Day 2020.

It Started with Cupcakes… We also cherish this love story about two dear friends both living with T1D, Christopher Snider and Dayle Kern. After initially making a connection on Twitter, they fell in love and got married! Thanks to the Children with Diabetes blog for sharing their story!

Our community spread the love with the Spare a Rose, Save a Child initiative for the eighth consecutive year, which raises money by “sparing a rose” from a typical dozen, and donating the costs of that spared rose to the Life for a Child program to get vital insulin, supplies and diabetes care to kids in developing countries. Collectively, our D-Community has raised roughly $200,000 since this initiative began in 2013 — and early tallies are at $60,000+ raised in 2020 alone! We love all who’ve made a different here, including friends like Molly at Hugging the Cactus and Kerri at Children with Diabetes.

Nick Jonas

A new season of ‘The Voice’ began February 24, and pop star Nick Jonas — who lives with type 1 diabetes and whom we’ve interviewed here at DiabetesMine — has joined the judges as a singing coach. Wonder if we’ll see him showing off his CGM or diabetes gadgets at all on national TV this season?!

If your blood sugars could talk… What a hilarious two-part YouTube video by Levi on the type 1-focused “Between Two Lines” channel. Both Part 1 and Part 2 had us cracking up, while wondering just what our own BGs might say if we were listening closely enough.

How we talk about diabetes and describe ourselves is a big issue within our D-Community, and a fellow diabetes blogger in India named Jazz Sethi at All That Jazz shares some thoughts on “group think” and being able to maintain a balance in peer support and advocacy.

The blog title “Misfit Parenting with Cupcakes” is worth a smile all on its own, but reading through this post “In Which I Find My Tribe” makes the smiles continue. Three cheers for peer support and finding those who “get it” when it comes to life with diabetes!

Thinking about the tyranny of numbers is a fist-clenching notion for most of us who have to constantly check glucose and count carbs and deal with so many other figures and D-math. This blog post (plus a great Bob Seger song on that same theme) had us nodding along, especially this line: “Numbers, like computers, make wonderful servants but terrible masters.”

We LOL’d when seeing the below tweet from @lsomerasa… and then nodded with the reminder to change our own fingerstick lancets sometime soon, for goodness’ sake.

Focusing on time in range for 99 days may sound like a challenge, but our friend Kelly Kunik at Diabetesaliciousness took it on and made some impressive #BeyondA1C discoveries recently. She shares this heartfelt post about that experience and we’re sending her fist bumps and hugs.

No doubt, diabetes can be hot and cold on any given day. But when you get into diabetes conferences and events that are about us patients, but often don’t include our voices, it can get pretty dicey. We appreciate this post discussing that point, written by UK-based diabetes blogger Mike at Everyday Ups and Downs.

Beyond Type 1 announced their platform is launching into FIVE new different languages, allowing for even more people worldwide to find the DOC and connect globally. Way to go on breaking down those language barriers, BT1!

Women’s Health launched what it calls the Owning It package online, putting the spotlight on women who live with various health conditions. It’s exciting to see two type 1s included in that: Emily Goldman and Mariam Brand Schulberg, who’ve hosted the fun and informative Pancreas Pals podcast for several years now. Great stuff there!

We share our favorites every month, and would love to include yours. Please send along your D-post picks for the month of March to us via email, or ping us on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.