Goodbye 2019… As we get ready to ring in a new year and a brand new decade (!), we’re taking a look back at the outstanding diabetes posts that have shined bright in this last month of the year. Yep, the ball will be dropping soon, so here’s our “countdown” of a dozen or so December D-Posts that caught our eye (in no particular order).

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Football and Diabetes go together over the holiday season in a great way! As part of the football league’s My Cause My Cleats campaign now in its 4th year, four current NFL players — Mark Andrews and Orlando Brown Jr of the Baltimore Ravens, DeAndre Carter of the Houston Texans, and Jameis Winston of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers — joined with former Houston Texans quarterback David Carr to showcase their support of the JDRF. They were among those who also participated in promoting the American Diabetes Association, along with many other orgs and causes.
Everything’s better when you have a dog in a photo, right? Meet Moira the diabetes alert dog, who we saw marking the holidays with @type1none over on Instagram.

We’re always happy to see T2D bloggers in our community sharing their stories, many of them on the Beyond Type 2 site, where we were happy to discover the Next Wave T2D blog recently. It’s a mid-Atlantic region T2 blogger sharing his diabetes story that began in 2018. His post “The Starting” is a great place to begin, of course! 😉

D-Dad Tom Karlya continues his annual “Twas the Night Before D-Christmas” writeup, capturing this most recent holiday season, diabetes-style.

Scare tactics shouldn’t be the go-to method used in trying to get people with diabetes back on track, and that’s why this guest post from Renza Scibilia at DiaTribe is such an important resource.

Leading up to Christmas, we enjoyed seeing “The Days of Diabetes Christmas” by @mom_of_t1d_2016 on Instagram to bring us some smiles and holiday head-shakes, too…

When you have a loved one with diabetes who happens to work in law enforcement, life can a be tricky balance. We enjoyed this video blog by a Texas D-Wife whose husband was diagnosed with T1D recently in September, after initially being misdiagnosed with type 2.

The Fear of Complications is always lurking when you live with diabetes, even when our lives are being complicated by factors other than the disease (sigh). T1D peep Amber Clour at Diabetes Daily Grind recounts a recent experience about that looming fear.

OK, we can’t exactly escape to a day without diabetes, but this D-Mom (whose middle son of three boys has T1D) shares a story of trying to “break up with diabetes” — if just for a bit. Check out her post over at the Mum of Type 1 blog.

Politics with a diabetes twist is what we have in the latest episode of the Diabetics Doing Things podcast by Rob Howe. This round, Rob chats with Minnesota-based diabetes #insulin4all advocate Quinn Nystrom, who’s decided to run for Congress in 2020 (and also recently announced on social media her engagement). Congrats times two, Quinn!

Wrapping up on a festive note, we smiled at this Beyond Type 1 post on Instagram showing off a holiday-decorated insulin pod with matching painted fingernails. Thanks for sharing that, Alice (!

Thanks to all for great posts this month, and throughout 2019. Naturally, we can’t wait to see what the DOC has in store for 2020!