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As we wind down the summer, our diabetes radar continues to light up with posts from around the Diabetes Online Community (DOC).

While many are on edge these days with the continuing COVID-19 crisis and social upheaval, we also found some soothing, smile-worthy content. Here’s a collection of posts that caught our eye during the month of August (in no particular order):

We’ve endured a lot in 2020 so far, but much of that was before hurricane season even began. As the summer comes to a close, the U.S. Gulf Coast is experiencing unprecedented hurricane and storm damage. On top of that, we’re seeing wildfires in California, along with power outages and extreme temps in parts of the country. All of that prompted the Diabetes Disaster Response Coalition (DDRC) to kick into full action, offering resources for people with diabetes (PWDs) who are affected by these natural disasters.

Back-to-school time has brought quite a bit of uncertainty and discussion given the pandemic and concerns about public health, from college to younger school ages. This is prompting a lot of talk and resources within the D-Community, including this guide from the JDRF (and our own overview of the dilemma of going back to school with type 1 diabetes, found here).

The Association of Diabetes Care and Education Specialists (ADCES) held its annual meeting in early August, which was completely virtual for the first time, like all orgs are doing during the pandemic. Highlights can be found by exploring the hashtag #ADCES20 on social media.

Type 2 diabetes and stigma is a huge issue within our D-Community, and we appreciated this recent podcast on the subject by advocate and diabetes care and education specialist (DCES) Meg Muñoz.

The new advocacy group People of Color Living with Diabetes (POCLWD) hosted an important virtual summit on diversity and inclusion. The multiday event shed light on a variety of different experiences. To dive in, start by watching the opening session by co-creators Kacey Creel and Quisha Umemba on YouTube. You can also learn more by following the ongoing discussion under hashtag #POCLWD20.

Speaking of embracing POCLWD, this incredible Instagram artwork caught our eye with an important message for everyone within the Diabetes Community and beyond:

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Image via @poclwdiabetes

International Dog Day was celebrated in late August, coinciding with a historical milestone on insulin discovery — making it a perfect time to revisit a photo of insulin pioneer Dr. Frederick Banting and one of the dogs who took part in early research back in the 1920s. See this Instagram photo from the Banting House in Canada that brought smiles and appreciation.

Global advocacy organization T1International, which started the #insulin4all movement back in 2014, has issued a statement on respectful collaboration and communication within our D-Community, denouncing bullying and hateful speech. We appreciate that, and agree there’s no place in the DOC for abusive or demoralizing behavior.

Speaking of insulin access, longtime type 1 advocate Randall Barker in Texas penned a post on Patients for Affordable Drugs about his family’s personal experiences with insulin affordability, titled A Price Tag of Tens of Thousands of Dollars. Our community is lucky to have people like Randall raising their voice to help PWDs.

With New York hit so hard by the COVID-19 crisis, it’s particularly special to see talented type 1 Broadway dancer Kyle R. Banks sharing his story. Kyle has been part of the ensemble of Broadway’s production of “The Lion King.” Check out his foundation Kyler Cares, which provides T1D kids with financial support to afford diabetes devices like insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitors (CGMs). Thanks to our friend Ginger Vieira for penning this piece over at the Omnipod blog.

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Kyle R. Banks. Image via

The Beta Cell Podcast hosted by fellow T1 Craig Stubing always offers good conversations about T1D and our community. Latest topics include the debate over sponsorship funds, plus a new episode discussing how Idaho advocate Sierra Sandison has re-assessed her affiliations with diabetes organizations over those funding concerns.

Ah, those diabetes rules… always infuriating, no? We LOL’d at this post over at Misfit Parenting with Cupcakes in which a D-Mom writes a post titled In Which I Break All the Diabetes Rules and I Like It. Definitely!

We’re thrilled to see all the #WeAreNotWaiting energy that continues making lives better, and this new post by Renza at Diabetogenic hits right at the heart. She illustrates just how much DIY diabetes technology has made a difference.

How do you celebrate your diaversary? Over at the Lazy Pancreas blog, adult-diagnosed blogger Cria shares how she marked her own 14th diaversary, and marks that day each year (hint: there’s Pepsi involved!).

As always, please let us know what you think of these posts. And please share your favorites for inclusion in our next roundup via email or FacebookInstagram, or Twitter.