As we wrap up April 2020, most of the world is still grappling with the effects of the COVID-19 crisis. Many in our Diabetes Online Community (DOC) are sharing details of their “new normal” across multiple social media platforms.

And of course, it’s important to highlight other things, too.

In this month’s edition of our DOC roundup, we once again pay homage to all those pouring their hearts into sharing the good, bad, and the ugly online.

Here are the must-reads that caught our eye during April 2020:

We marked Easter this month, and even in a time of physical distancing and self-quarantine, many were able to celebrate the holiday in upbeat ways. This Believe the Hypo blog post captured the Easter spirit, with the “Affection Behind Confection.”

Image: Texas Medical Center

It’s all about colored eggs and chocolate bunnies during Easter of course. Fellow type 1 Frank Sita in Australia had to endure the eye-rolling-inducing comment, “I suppose you don’t eat chocolate.” He had a response ready to go for this member of the Diabetes Police, for sure.

Most events and gatherings remain canceled or postponed throughout April and May, at least, and that includes a great number of diabetes camps for kids and adults throughout the United States. The American Diabetes Association is transitioning many of these into virtual experiences. Details are being updated online, so keep checking in.

An incredible collaboration has been launched to keep us all informed about COVID-19 and diabetes, spearheaded by the JDRF and Beyond Type 1 alliance, along with 50+ diabetes organizations in the U.S. and worldwide. Check out the site at

D-Dad Tom Karlya is always full of wisdom, and he continues with an important message to everyone: “Now More Than Ever — Just Don’t Do Nothing.” We couldn’t agree more, Tom.

Over on Instagram, @MissDiabetes posted this infographic commenting on the absurdity of pandemic mode. It’s oh-so timely and LOL worthy!

Our parent company Healthline has a cool new type 2-focused mobile app, recently reviewed in this blog post by our type 1 friend and fellow advocate Kelly Kunik. She’s excited about how the app helps connect community and assure that people with diabetes know what resources exist.

Going to the movies (in normal times, when theaters were open) could be a challenging endeavor with type 1 diabetes, especially when the T1D was a small child. Longtime T1 Chris Stocker, who blogs at The Life of a Diabetic and whose daughter was diagnosed in recent years, shares that experience in a recent post.

With Earth Day on April 22, there were many global news stories talking about the planetary effect of the coronavirus crisis… but you may not have known there’s a specific site dedicated to Diabetes and the Environment, too! It’s created by T1D-peep and D-Mom Sarah Howard, and contains some interesting, well-vetted information.

Very cool that Kris Maynard in Washington, a type 1 paramedic who invented Glucose Revival’s Thrive emergency glucose gel necklaces, is donating that product to fellow first responders and healthcare professionals with T1D during this COVID-19 crisis.

We share our favorites every month, and would love to include yours. Please send along your picks for the month of May to us via email, or ping us on InstagramFacebook, or Twitter.