After a busy summer in the Diabetes Community, we find ourselves transitioning into Fall with just as much activity online! Indeed, the diabetes blogosphere is bristling full of great posts that are just as diverse and beautiful as the changing colors of Fall foliage.


Here's a look at some of our fave posts from September, in no particular order:


Fall Foilage Leaf IconMany of us in the D-Community tuned in for this year's Miss America competition, which included fellow type 1 Sierra Sandison from Idaho. While she didn't snag the national crown, Sierra inspired the DOC was able to secure her spot as America's Choice (with the most popular votes) and show off her insulin pump on the national stage, inspiring the viral #ShowMeYourPump campaign. Way to go, Sierra! Check out these posts by Leighann Calentine at D-Mom Blog, along with a meetup interview by veteran type 1 Kelly Kunik at Diabetesaliciousness.


Fall Foilage Leaf Icon♪ Do You Want to Build a... D-Connection? â™ª Yes, the popular animated movie Frozen has a diabetes link and D-Dad Tom Karlya shares the story that was shown on TV early in the month. Also we can't help but chuckle at the title of Leighann's blog post on this topic, including "better than a coat made of weasels."


Fall Foilage Leaf IconThe fantastic Medicine X conference at Stanford University School of Medicine featured a handful of PWDs and DOC'ers. Diabetes podcaster Christopher Snider has some great insight on his Just Talking podcast, and two posts that caught our eye are this one by Scott Strange at Strangely Diabetic and this one by Heather Gabel at Unexpected Blues. Overall, we echo what D-peep Sara Nicastro says about being proud of our friends. (btw, congrats to Sara who recently accepted a full-time job with the JDRF Las Vegas chapter!)


Fall Foilage Leaf IconWhen it comes to D-Advocacy, there's a lot happening these days with the Diabetes Hands Foundation, including efforts to build up a database of Active Diabetes Advocates, create an Online Action Hub and more. Our friend Desiree Johnson shares the details and how the rest of us can get involved.


Fall Foilage Leaf IconThere is talk again about the good and bad of the Diabetes Online Community (DOC), and Dayle Kern has a great post on this topic over at her Imperfect Pancreas blog. What do you think?


Fall Foilage Leaf IconSpeaking of making a difference through social media, a new effort is being led by some great minds in the DOC, called Walk With D. It's all about telling the world what it's like to live with diabetes. Or more specifically, this campaign addresses diabetes "stigmas" without ever using that scary word. Fellow type 1 and longtime diabetes blogger Scott Johnson captures the essence of this campaign in one of his recent posts.Walk With D Logo


Fall Foilage Leaf IconType 1 LADA blogger Craig La Fevre over at The Human Pincushion Experiment sent off a letter to one of his elected leaders recently, and a special opportunity for D-Advocacy fell into his lap. Craig shares how he responded, debunking diabetes stigma and teaching one Congressman from Idaho a little something about type 1 diabetes.


Fall Foilage Leaf IconLow blood sugars aren't fun, especially the really plunging ones that hit in the middle of the night. Type 1 PWD Kristen over at the newfound blog Mischievous Kristen recounts her recent scary low. While we're happy it turned out OK, we sure felt her fear and anxiety virtually from our end...


Fall Foilage Leaf IconWe found another great newbie D-blog called Photogra-betic (!), written by a type 1 named Abby who (as you can tell by her site name) loves photography! This post about her #WaitingToNotWait on CGM In The Cloud has some good insight on using this tech plus some great pics, too!


Fall Foilage Leaf IconThere are so many diabetes blogs out there these days, it can really help having good Blog Rolls to help navigate what all is being written. Of course, depending on how often those are updated, they can be a blessing or a burden. Laddie at Test Guess & Go has a great discussion about these lists and how they're used in the DOC. (See also, Riva Greenberg's recent D-resource list.)

PCM Gina Blog Logo


Fall Foilage Leaf Icon We're excited that a good friend, Gina Capone, is now back to the online world with her new blog, Pumpin' Crossfit Mom. Take a look at her first new post, and welcome her back to the diabetes blogosphere!


Fall Foilage Leaf IconWe also really, really liked this Ten Things list by Scott at Rolling in the D -- everything from his honesty to humor to spot-on observations about life with diabetes and our own D-Community.


Fall Foilage Leaf IconSay Hi to Ally, a fellow type 1 who just started a new diabetes blog this month called Very Light With No Sugar -- "Because I take diabetes the same way I take my coffee." Love the name, Ally! And especially this post entitled, "True Life: I'm afraid of Spiders and Insulin, In That Order" (Yep, they're both very scary at times). We're looking forward to reading more of your posts!


Fall Foilage Leaf IconD-blogger Brian Hegarty has a great post over at Type 1 Philly about his D-related thoughts on Apple and the recent health technology they're unveiling. Brian also impressed us with one of his Insulin Nation columns this month that was all about being a dad with type 1, and how he talks to his young son about diabetes. Great insights, Brian!


Bill Woods Leaves Glu Fall Foilage Leaf Icon

We're sending our congrats to T1 Bill Woods, a fellow blogger and advocate who spent the past few years working for The T1D-Exchange and managing the Glu diabetes community online. Bill is now embarking on a new career adventure, helping to build a new online diabetes community with an employer closer to home, in Boston (details not yet available). So he isn't saying goodbye to the DOC, just making a shift. Thanks for all that you've done for us, Bill, and we looking forward to hearing more about your new gig!


Fall Foilage Leaf IconTechnically, this brilliant "D-Awareness Month!" cartoon by Kim Vlasnik was posted on the final day of August... but we found it totally feature-worthy, with the month of November right around the corner.


Fall Foilage Leaf IconLast not least, Christopher Snider at A Consequence of Hypoglycemia has some thoughts that so many of us echo when it comes to diabetes pitches. This one on Missing The Mark is totally worth a read.


Thanks to all for great works this month! Naturally, we can't wait to see what the DOC has in store for October, so please let us know if any particular D-blogs catch your eye.

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