September, this final month of summer-turned-autumn, was a busy one for our Diabetes Online Community, and it brought Around-The-Blogosphere-Logoout some truly great posts and advocacy initiatives from all corners.

Below, in no particular order, is our "Fall Collection" of September posts:


StripSafely is more than the clever name of a grassroots patient advocacy campaign pushing for better glucose monitoring accuracy. It's also the theme addressed at the big Diabetes Technology Society meeting on Sept. 9, where the issue was hashed out by FDA directors and other experts, and a potential solution put on the table. We wrote about it, as did some other well-known voices in the DOC. There's even a new video or two about why this topic is so important to patient safety.


In case you didn't know, Social Media Week is still underway -- Sept. 23 to 27. And the DCAF and DSMA diabetes advocacy group had an in-person meeting and talk about social media and diabetes in Chicago. See those details here!


Our artistic friend and fellow D-blogger Lee Ann Thill is at it again, this time bringing out our creative sides with what she calls The D Card Project! Like the idea of baseball cards or other collectors' cards that can be traded up any time between friends? Well, this is the initiative for you! (Hint: it's a little bit like PostSecret for diabetes)


The Medicine X conference at Stanford University School of Medicine starts today and runs through the weekend, and MedX Twitterthere representing the diabetes patient voice will be the DOC's own Sara Nicastro and Chris Snider. On his blog leading up to the conference, Chris wrote a great post about how this is part of a much bigger picture.


Remember Jerry the Bear, the cute and interactive, cuddly stuffed animal that originated as DiabetesMine Innovation Challenge entry back in 2009? Well, fellow PWD Kelly Kunik recently interviewed Jerry, and reports over at her blog diabetesaliciousness about what he's been up to these days.


When a friend goes bye-bye... Jacquie Wojcik at Typical Type 1 said goodbye to a long-time friend recently, and "alerted" the DOC to what happened with a heartfelt blog post about their many years together.


Our minds were blown when reading Kerri Sparling's honest and insightful post about how diabetes can sometimes make you feel, but how she's been "filling back up" her life with happy thoughts.


We talk a lot about what it's like in to have a low blood sugar. But in a very descriptive and captivating post on C's Life With D, our type 1 friend Courtney captures "The Thirst" that comes with high blood sugars.


Fellow Type 1 Ginger Vieira keeps it real with an online letter telling her Low Blood Sugar just what's on her mind.



D-Dad Tom Karlya writes about two D-Moms who've created Type 1 Diabetes Memes, an online site that certainly can bring a laugh or smile to those of us with diabetes.


To share or not to share? A1C numbers, that is. Scott E reflects on his position as it relates to sharing this information with fellow PWDs, and how he feels overall about the emotions behind these numbers.


Mistaking one type of insulin for another... Oh man, do we dread that happening! Especially when our diabetes meds and supplies can have similar names. But what if it's the doctor or pharmacist who supplies the insulin causing the mix-up? Chris Stocker encountered that recently... sigh. But luckily, he got through the insulin confusion.


Fellow type 1 Kim Vlasnik, one our former cartoonists who just celebrated the birth of her first baby, picked up her artistic pencil again and offers some humor about being pregnant with type 1. Worth a look!


There's a very heartfelt guest post over on Test, Guess & Go by D-Wife Sue, about the Call Not Made... really makes you think about who you do or don't reach out to in life.


We love this "vocab quiz" that D-Mom Moira McCarthy has posted on Despite Diabetes, about a word that "starts with a C and ends with negativity." Can you guess what it is?


"But I'm not sick..." is what little Isabella said recently to her mom, about living with diabetes. And this is what her family has to say about that, on the D-blog called Inspired By Isabella. Oh, and btw: What an adorable family with triplets!


We have to commend our type 1 friend and fellow blogger, Scott Strange, for his simple-yet-eloquent capturing of what it's like living with a chronic illness. You might call it a Never Ending Story, as he does.


Thanks to all for great works this month! Naturally, we can't wait to see what the DOC has in store for October, so please let us know if any particular D-blogs catch your eye.

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