The year is coming to a close, and it's hard to believe we now only have one month left of 2012! Time flies when you're having fun, and the many happy posts we found around the diabetes blogosphere show that's what we've all been doing this past month!

Of course, November is the biggest D-Month of the year, in which diabetes awareness is on the world's stage. With World Diabetes Day itself on Nov. 14 and many other events happening the rest of the month, the Diabetes Online Community was abuzz with activity...

A post by Jess Collins  over at Me and D caught our eye as a tribute to insulin co-creator Frederick Banting, who would have celebrated a birthday on WDD!

We were also very impressed with what Joslin Diabetes Center did in bringing some key DOC voices together, with its blogger project designed to raise awareness about living with diabetes. Each blogger wrote four posts about their own life experiences, and also helped raise money for Joslin's High Hopes Fund for cure and treatment research.

The Diabetes Hands Foundation had a strong month too, of course, marking news that our community reached the Big Blue Test goal of 20,000 entries before the deadline on WDD. They also shared the exciting news that the DHF Big Blue Test program was recognized as the work of a "top social media-savvy nonprofit using the Web creatively to make a difference in healthcare." Very cool!

Now in its second year, the World Diabetes Day Postcard Exchange project had 901 participants from across the world! We loved the creativity in all the postcards displayed on the project site. Heaps of thanks to our friend and D-blogger Lee Ann Thill who worked tirelessly to make this initiative a success for our entire community's benefit!

This month was also a heavy time for diabetes conferences, with a number of different events held across the globe. We liked this post from fellow PWD Simon Boots about the first-ever D-Summit in Australia. The Diabetes Technology Society Meeting was held in Bethesda, MD, and there was also the Global Diabetes Summit in Ohio that we covered here.  Then of course, there was our very own DiabetesMine Innovation Summit, blogged about by D-Dad Bennet Dunlap over at Your Diabetes May Vary, and also by advocate and software engineer Doug Kanter at his blog, Becoming Diabetic.

As happens sometimes in November, our friend George "The Ninjabetic" Simmons unveiled a new project on World Diabetes Day. This year, we got a laugh (to the point of tears, for me) from checking out the first episode of NinjabeticTV!! We can't wait to see more, George!

The U.S. also wrapped up its 2012 election season, and Medtronic got creative by putting a diabetes spin on the election theme. The D-Community got to elect one of three "diabetes ambassadors," and once the votes were tallied the D-ambassador-elect made a special video with professional skydiver and fellow PWD Michael Craig to celebrate the victory.

Fellow type 1 Scott Johnson has a message for glucose meter makers, and he uses both words and photos to show manufacturers what he wants them to keep in mind when designing devices. Now, that's what we call keeping the PWD perspective in the spotlight. Thanks, Scott!

D-Dad Tom Karlya writes what many PWDs and D-parents think: If you don't have diabetes, then you really don't know what it's like to go through what we do. He takes the notion further, adding balanced perspective to give us an inspirational message for the times. Thanks for the great post, Tom!

Every PWD sometimes imagines a world without diabetes, but for the parent that's an even more sensitive and gut-wrenching topic - especially for those of us who fear passing diabetes on to our children. Type 1 D-blogger Scott E. explored the non-D world over at Rollin in the D, as did Kerri Sparling over at Six Until Me.

Ever doubt the power of the DOC in helping people feel better and do better in managing their health? Well, Jess Collins over at Me and D has ANOTHER powerful post called Real Tangible Hope that shows how these friendships and her overall support system has helped her. This brought a wide smile to our faces, so happy to read this... Keep it up, Jess!

Taking fingerstick tests and logging blood sugars isn't much fun (at all!), and some of us have cut some corners to convince our docs through the years that we are in fact doing BG checks -- even when we're not. But as PWD Alexis Pollak points out at I Run On Insulin, we can't hide the truth thanks to the A1C... and that number can reflect some of where we've been at different points in our lives.

Hey Diabetes Product Pitchers and Marketing Execs: our friend and fellow D-blogger Kim Vlasnik at Texting My Pancreas wants you to know something: The words you choose matter. Take note!

What exactly constitutes "normal"? Well, D-wife Sandy Floyd over at A Diabetic Spouse asks that question when looking at her relationship with her type 1 husband, Vince. Thanks for the thought-provoking post, Sandy.

Type 1 blogger Ryan at The Diabetic Cyclist found some inspiration recently, realizing just how much heart it takes sometimes in living with diabetes. He's keeping that in mind while tackling marathons and cycling events, as he works to prove that anything is possible for PWDs!

We share our favorites every month, but we want to include yours, too! Please send along your D-post picks for the month of December to us via email. We look forward to hearing from you.

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