We're now at the end of the fifth month of 2012, which is simply amazing — how quickly this year is going by! With the summer months arriving soon and bringing a lot of diabetes conference activity, we feel especially motivated to highlight all the great posts from this past month. So, in no particular order, here are some of our recent favorites from the Diabetes Online Community:

How can we not recognize Diabetes Blog Week, which marked its third year and more than 100 posts each day of the week between May 14-20? We obviously can't highlight every single post, but we really liked Kim Vlasnik's creative fantasy device idea over at TextingMyPancreas! Now, this is the kind of creativity that would be awesome to share in the Patient Voices Contest! We also loved the sarcastically-positive spin that George Simmons (Ninjabetic) put on the topic "What They Should Know."

We never in a million years expected someone to pick up on our own contribution for the Fantasy Diabetes Device, but designer Ollie Glass has decided to turn the Magic Carbonator 5000 into a reality! Well, almost... Check out his version of the idea!

Some diabetes advocates (our own Mike Hoskins included) made their way to Indy for the first-ever Lilly Diabetes Blogger Summit, and while there were several great recaps of the event, we especially enjoyed the podcast by Tony Rose at Blogging Diabetes. Go give it a listen if you haven't already!

Our friend Lizmari at The Angry Type 2 Diabetic bravely confronts the question: When Will I Die from Type 2 Diabetes?, in a post that "reaches across the aisle" and touches on an emotional issue for all of us living with any type of diabetes. Her post inspires us to look at the positive, not the negative, when it comes to everything that could happen because of diabetes.

One of the scariest things that can happen is accidentally overdosing on insulin... which is exactly what happened to Laura and her son, Nate, who was given twelve times the amount of insulin he needed! Read the post to find out what happened...

Most people think eating disorders and body image problems are strictly a woman's issue. Not so. We learn about the men's side, thanks to Jeff Mather who bravely and thoughtfully shares his struggles with the diabetes, food, weight and self-esteem.

What's the oldest diabetes supply you have? Can you beat Stephen's 21-year-old insulin vial cooler (below)?

Choosing to become or not become a parent is fraught with high emotions. Lee Ann Thill eloquently discusses how Mother's Day reminds her of the choices she has made and how the right answer is not always the easy answer.

The DOC is so insanely creative and talented! We loved this new rap video from our resident funnyman Mike Lawson and inspirational trainer and author Ginger Viera.

It's easy to not give ourselves the credit we deserve. So we're very proud of Valerie Anne of Diabetically Yours, who has lost another three pounds! Way to go!

We're always ragging on the Diabetes Police asking repeatedly "Can you eat that?" while simultaneously scarfing down their own third cupcake. But that doesn't mean WE don't also fall victim to the same urge to harp on things we don't know about, like Alex Pollak who lovingly harassed her seven-month-pregnant older sister.

With May being National Mental Health Awareness Month and many of us in the diabetes community writing about our own struggles with depression, we wanted to highlight how the Diabetes Advocates are urging more awareness about the link between diabetes and depression.


You all rock, DOCers! Got some fave posts you'd like us to include for June? Send 'em our way here.

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