We're now at the end of the fifth month of 2014, which is simply amazing — how quickly this year is going by! The summer months bring a bevvy of diabetes conference activity and we're excited about that, but it's already been busy around here in May...maydocroundup

Of course, we marked Memorial Day this past week, honoring those who've served our country, and with it come many ultra-American traditions of summer fun: barbeques, camping, pool openings, and racing season!

So in the vein of honoring our country's vets and traditions, here's our rundown of great posts from the Diabetes Online Community (DOC) that caught our eye in May, in no particular order.

There are a good amount of them this time around, so happy pre-summer reading!


The popular Diabetes Hope Conference returned for the second year on May 20, bringing more than 500 to this a free virtual web-chat. It featured a trio of panels talking about how they handle diabetes in tough times but remain hopeful and optimistic, especially when it comes to thinking about complications. One report that's terrifically on-point with that theme is this D-Hope Conference post by Tarra Robinson, covering many of the emotions and issues discussed during the conference. It's also definitely worth checking out the #dHopeConf Twitter stream if you haven't had the chance yet.


This month's DSMA Blog Carnival is inspired by the #WeAreNotWaiting campaign that's gaining steam throughout the diabetes community. The prompt asks us to share personal stories about why device interoperability and data sharing matters to us, and two posts that stand out here are longtime type 1 PWDs Kelly at the Below Seven blog and Stephen Shaul at Happy Medium. We're excited to hear more from the DOC on our data / device needs and wishes, and word is that this particular DSMA Blog Carnival prompt is being extended into June... so be sure to add your voice to the conversation!


DBlogWeek 2014 Box Logo

Our D-Community came together online once again for the 5th annual Diabetes Blog Week that ran May 12-18, the brainchild of Karen Graffeo at Bitter-Sweet Diabetes that featured more than 200 bloggers participating regularly during the course of the week! Obviously, that's just too many great posts to name individually, so make sure to browse through Karen's listings of each day's awesome posts.


Of course, one of the best parts of D-Blog Week is finding new blogs you've not read before -- and we found so many! Including a great one called Fifteen Wait Fifteen by longtime type 1 Rhonda, who shared a fun creative story straight from her own D-Life... one of many must-reads in the DOC!


On the topic of DOC Love, don't miss this post all about DOC-ness over at Life With Injections blog by a New Zealand PWD. Not to mention that awesome little character at the top of her blog page! And while we don't often highlight the company-run blogs by the Pharma and D-Device industry, we did like this post by fellow type 1 and professional snowboarder Sean Busby at the OmniPod blog filled with a bunch of DOC-happiness that's been so prevalent in the blogosphere this month.


We were so sorry to see Kathy write this latest post over at My New Islets, recounting how her islet cell transplant that had given her two-plus years of living "diabetes-free" had finally come to an end. But even reading that, we were inspired by her attitude and the general sense of hope this kind of procedure can offer so many people. Thanks for sharing your story about this all the way through, Kathy!


D-Dad Scott Benner tapped his inner journalist by conducting an outstanding interview with a teenager who lost her sister due to type 1 diabetes, and how their family created a viral video and is using social media to reach out to the DOC and beyond and ask pop band One Direction to sing a song in their daughter's honor. See info on their plea at: #SingForNicole.SingforNicole


Beloved D-Mom Meri Schumacher at Our Diabetic Life reacts to some of the blue candle posts involving kids and adults who've died due to diabetes, and she asks us all to think some about what we might want if we found ourselves facing that very situation of having to share that kind of news.


Our friend Scott at Rolling In The D marked his 33rd diabetes anniversary this month, but he spent it unceremoniously and has some interesting thoughts on marking this particular dia-versary.


Prom season has come and gone, but don't miss teen D-blogger Claire's post on that theme called Of Prom and Pumps, on her Diabetic Rockstar blog.


Jessica over at T1D Active Living asks a simple question: How Can We Help People With Diabetes In a Social Media World? Very much worth a read, and some late-night pondering if you happen to have a chance.


Mary Tyler Moore has been an icon to so many in this Diabetes Community for all her hard work advocating with the JDRF and beyond, a pivotal voice in getting us to where we are now in research, technology and quality of life. That's why it really hurts the heart to read about how after 40+ years of living with type 1, she's really struggling with diabetes complications these days. D-Mom Moira McCarthy shares some of her insights on all the good Ms. Tyler Moore has done for all of us over the years. We'll keep Mary in our thoughts and prayers, of course.


Diabetes, car-shopping, and poetry... oh my! Yep, D-blogger Kelly Kunik combines that trio into a fun and fabulous take on the Diabetes Brain: The Car Prose Edition. Love it, K2!


This post, called Shrinking Away, is raw and powerful, straight from the heart of our Australian friend Renza Scibilia over at Diabetogenic. Thank you for sharing that with all of us, Renza, and know that we love you!


We all have bad diabetes days sometimes, and D-Dad Tom Karlya had one of those recently. All we can say, Tom, is that we can all totally relate, and we do. Here's to hoping those not-so-good days are few and far between.


This is brilliant! What an incredible resource created by Christel Aprigliano for those in the U.S. who really need help getting diabetes supplies and meds. Great work, Christel!


You can learn something new everyday in this community... often from stories by fellow diabetics who are dealing with more than one chronic condition and handle them all like  champs. In Canada, longtime type 1 Jen writes about her experiences with eosinophil over at Blood Drops and Braille Dots. Wishing you nothing but good vibes, Jen!


Keep your eyes peeled in June for your own favorite posts of the month. Send us the link(s), and we'd be happy to include them in our next "best-of" roundup.

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