With the first quarter of 2014 now ending, we're happy to bring you more favorite posts from around the Diabetes Online Community. Luckmarchroundupily, there's never a shortage of great stuff to share, and this March has been no exception.

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Three words — Diabetes, Buzzfeed, Tumblr. 'Nuff said. Check out the very funny new blog called DiaBuzzfeed for a laugh in animated GIF style!


The JDRF held its annual Government Day earlier in March, bringing hundreds of diabetes advocates to D.C. to talk about the latest in D-Developments, and to meet with Congressional representatives. Two DOC friends who were there wrote about their experiences: check out recaps from D-Mom "Juicy Mama" at the Delete Diabetes blog, Kathy at My New Islets, and Karen Graffeo at Bittersweet Diabetes who penned a couple great posts.


And speaking of the JDRF... the annual research summit in Washington D.C. also happened in early March. D-Blogger Stephen Shaul was on hand, and from what he writes over at Happy Medium, it sounds like it was a great event. Thanks for the recap, Stephen! (Sidenote: Stephen is actually heading to Indy early next week, so Mike is looking forward to that D-meetup IRL!)


Of course, we welcomed this year's round of college basketball March Madness, and the brackets are quickly being filled as we approach the final rounds in the next 10 days. The DOC had its own takes on the madness, too -- from "Starch Madness" over at Texting My Pancreas to the Insulin Pump Bracket Challenge created on MyGlu to our own look at college hoops and diabetes here at the 'Mine.


D-Dad Tim Bland at Bleeding Finger has two little girls with type 1, and he wrote a touching poem that captures how time will always stand still for him when thinking about their diagnoses.


Mr. Mike Lawson over at Socially Diabetic has a thought-provoking post about how some people poke fun at diabetes and how we treat some of our fellow human beings, touching on the "that's so gay" controversy... worth a read, for sure.


Do you ever get asked about high and low blood sugars? D-peep and blogger George "Ninjabetic" Simmons does, and he often tells the story of the Dragon and the Cliff when answering these questions.


Remember that one time at the 2014 Academy Awards when super-actor John Travolta mispronounced a name? Well, D-Dad Tom Karlya wondered what would happen if a celebrity mispronounced Type One Diabetes?... just imagine how viral that could go!


Sara Nicastro has been spending a lot of time in airports recently, and over at Moments of Wonderful she takes some issue with how the TSA treats people who prefer to opt out of body scanners. What do you think?


After a decade of experience with type 1, this D-family over at The Understudy Pancreas is doing their best to keep positive as they navigate the rough sea of highs and lows that come along with living with D.


We all come full circle at some in our lives, and Kim Vlasnik at Texting My Pancreas shares her recent unplanned meetup with her very first endo while at a diabetes conference!


Fellow PWD Laura Cleverly (our D-Community's UK-based Ninjabetic blogger) is changing up her diabetes management, going from "covert" to "overt" in how she handles and talks about her diabetes.  She'd love some input on that.


Harry Potter

Teen type 1 blogger Claire Montgomery is a huge Harry Potter fan (like so many of us!), and she wonders what it'd be like if the magical wizard was living with diabetes. Go on, grab some pumpkin juice and take a read over at her blog, Diabetic Rockstar!


OMG, the PERFECT blood sugar!! Yes, we all cherish these "century" blood sugar readings of 100, when they grace our meters or CGM screens. Q, who has followed in the footsteps of her D-Mom Leighann Calentine and has her own new D-Kid Blog, even does a little happy dance sometimes because she's so excited.


Carbs are everywhere! Yes, they are. PWD Jennifer at Despite My Pancreas came crashing into this reality recently, and is doing her best to stay on course despite all those hidden carbs we find in foods.


What do you remember about the Days Before Diabetes? Type 1 PWD Renza Scibilia in Australia talks about what she misses the most from those pre-D days, and asks the DOC to chime in with our own thoughts at Diabetogenic.


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