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Kim Vlasnik illustrates that there are some inadvertent advantages to life with diabetes in a creative and humorous way.

Candy Hearts blogger Wendy and her daughter are having a rough time with diabetes, because "Sugar" is the only kid in her class with diabetes. Show Sugar she's not alone by sending a little message and a photo! Wendy's collecting them until Friday, 4/1.

Not all endos are harsh and judgmental: George Simmons and Mike Hoskins share some motivating experiences at recent endo appointments.

Lorraine and her son Caleb dealt with a broken DexCom wire. Has that happened to you? Lorraine wants to hear from you...

Do you have a default "digit" you use when testing your blood sugar? Chris Snider does an informal Twitter survey of the popular fingers to use for blood sugar monitoring. This blogger here prefers her left ring and pinky fingers.

We're thrilled that Karen Hoffman and her husband are expecting their first baby (it's a girl!) but that doesn't mean there aren't deep-seated fears. Of course, we've come along way since the 1980s, and that's why Karen wants to you to know: "I'm not Shelby."

Bernard Farrell, one of our DiabetesMine Design Challenge judges this year, chats with A Sweet Life about growing up with diabetes, his diabetes advocacy, and his thoughts on diabetes product design.

Kelly Kunik hits the press as she's featured in this month's issue of SELF magazine! Way to go, K2!

Stacey Divone shares her fears about growing old and how age and diabetes might impact her organs.

And don't forget to check out Riva Greenberg's interview with Amy at the Huffington Post!

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