Another month has gone by and it's been a very busy one in the DOC, what with the You Can Do This! campaign and the Roche Diabetes Social Media Summit in San Diego, not to mention the ADA Conference. Here are our picks for a few posts worth checking out in case you missed them...

How do you talk to your children about diabetes when you're the one who has it? Michele Brown shares her conversation with her two young daughters about the disease when they open up to her about their fears.

You may have seen our video earlier this month for Kim Vlasnik's new You Can Do This! campaign. But if you haven't checked out the other amazing videos, what are you waiting for?! (the list is here)

There are plenty of Roche Summit write-ups circulating the DOC, but Mike Durbin has put together a pretty sweet slideshow. Can you spot Amy & Allison in the photos?

One myth that won't die: diabetics "can't eat that." Not true, says Hallie, who teaches her daughter that she can have anything. But what happens when school staff undermine her attempts at equality?

Simon from the '70s muses on how blogging helps him get over feeling insecure and inadequate.

Cara Richardson is going through a rocky time with diabetes burnout and depression. We need some DOC love over there, pleeeaaase!

Anthony writes eloquently about the physical and emotional struggles in managing diabetes, and all the little things that cause us trouble.

Pearlsa shares some news from the North: Canada has issued a new $100 bank note with a bottle of insulin on one side, in recognition of Canada's contribution to diabetes. Wow!

Kerri Sparling had the pleasure of meeting with some of the Joslin 50-year medalists at a reception in Boston. Some very inspirational messages surface in her video.

On that note: Amy and I had the honor of personally meeting Bob Krause, the 90-year-old we featured here recently who has had diabetes for 85 years, at a Joslin reception at the ADA Conference. Bob's such a sweet man. And awe-inspiring to say the least!

Got favorite posts of the month as we move into July? Please share them with us and we'll feature them here.

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