Summer has arrived, meaning the year's already half over (wow!) And along with all the diabetes conference activity underway, we've also had the pleasure of reading some great blog posts from across the Diabetes Online Community (DOC) this past month.Around The Blogosphere Logo

In no particular order, here's a run-down of our recent faves:


Technically, this post about "reaching a milestone" from Reva Berman over at TypeONEderful came at the very end of May. But  it's so inspirational that it deserves to be recognized and shared! If you're ever feeling discouraged about diabetes and your management, please go take a read.

Fellow type 1 Sara Nicastro wrote about the relationship that patients and doctors share (or don't share) on new health apps, and why that matters in a tech-savvy world when everyone's searching for new ways to better manage their diabetes.



Type 2 blogger Bob Fenton penned a very insightful guest post over at Sanofi's blog, Discuss Diabetes, about why many type 2 PWDs feel invisible in the DOC. With that perspective in mind, that made us even more excited to see some type 2 friends in the DOC come together to create a new collaborative blog called The Type 2 Experience. We think these points of view are worthy reads, and are important as we all work together as a community!


Ever wonder why we blog about diabetes? Do we ever run out of anything to say? D-Mom Wendy Rose explores that question and finds that she has so much more to say. She also has a very important message for general docs and health care providers that should be shared.


Jennifer Jacobs over at A Sweet Life stared wondering in a grocery store aisle, "What Makes a Product Safe for Diabetics?" Along with that, Jennifer wrote another post that we couldn't stop laughing as we read, about a hypo at a farmer's market and how people responded to her requests for blood sugar-boosting jam being sold. Funny and interesting observations, Jennifer!



The annual Diabetes Week, which is the United Kingdom's annual countrywide awareness and fundraising campaign, focused this year on D-research from June 9-15. We got a kick out of seeing new blog posts from Diabetes UK every day during that week.


Creativity is overflowing in this post from D-Mom Meri Schuhmacher, who shares in an open letter to herself what a new infusion set was thinking as it helped battle one of her son's high blood sugars. Love it, Meri!


How do we spread the word about DOC benefits to PWDs? D-Dad and type 2 Bennet Dunlap over at Your Diabetes May Vary has an idea for a disclaimer to put on D-supply products: "WARNING: Joining Diabetes Communities Now Greatly Reduces Serious Risks to Your Health." Ha! We like the way you think, Bennet.

Bill Cosby


Comedian Bill Cosby made a comment about diabetes recently that got under the skin of some in the D-Community, and type 1 peep Victoria Cumbow responds with a message about "kindness in advocacy" that we should all keep in mind.


The insurance-related problem that Christel faced recently made our blood boil, but she did a great job keeping a sense of humor and making her account enjoyable to read. Seriously, getting the necessary supplies to stay alive and healthy shouldn't be this difficult.


Almost 70 years ago, D-Blogger Richard Vaughn was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. That was a different world then, and it's pretty cool to read his latest "ramble" about how the DOC support has influenced his life during the past decade. Certainly a "can't miss" post from a veteran type 1 PWD!


Our own Wil Dubois is thinking innovation for blood strip vials, and he shares his hopes and dreams about "those vexing vials" over at Life After Dx.


Thanks to all of you for great works this month, Friends. Naturally, we can't wait to see what the DOC has in store for July, so please let us know if any particular D-blogs catch your eye!

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