With the summer well underway, there's a lot of diabetes conference activity happening. So naturally, we have a bunch of great posts to highlight from the past month!  Here, in no particular order, are some of our recent favorites from the Diabetes Online Community:


A highlight of the month sweeping the D-Community has been the American Diabetes Association's 72nd annual Scientific Sessions in Philadelphia. While our team had a lot of coverage so far, many others in the DOC did too! The #ADA2012 hashtag on Twitter caught much of the daily activity as well as the follow-up, and some bloggers like those over at A Sweet Life captured a variety of perspectives. D-blogger Kelly Kunik at Diabetesaliciousness wrote about her perceptions, while Chris Snider at A Consequence of Hypoglycemia shared a video on his thoughts about the conference.


In response to ADA coverage on A Sweet Life, journalist and D-blogger Catherine Price examined the role of profit in diabetes care and whether it's used for good or evil. Cynics and skeptics may find this an especially interesting discussion!


Yes, even in a month of ADA activity, the JDRF had some big national news of its own: it was featured on AMC's reality show, The Pitch, and a new marketing campaign was unveiled. Fellow D-blogger Chris Stocker at The Life of a Diabetic interviewed the main marketing guru for the company that ended up winning JDRF's account for their new PR campaign!


The popular You Can Do This project, created by Kim Vlasnik at Texting My Pancreas, celebrated its one-year anniversary! And many fellow DOC members offered wishes, as we did at the 'Mine with me (Mike) finally making my own video contribution!


D-Mom Alexis Nicole, who writes at The Chronicles of D-Boy & Ribbon, made a raw, honest video blog where she put it all out there not only about her family's own struggles with life with diabetes, but about her own personal health issues that can complicate things even more. We love you, Lexi, and want you to know you have our support, too!


This month brought us another Father's Day, and while there are many D-Dads out there to recognize, we wanted to highlight Tim Brand's post that tells about a group of D-Dads who've come together in recent years to share their stories. Great bonding, Guys!


Speaking of Father's Day, another post that caught our eye was Trev's post at Three 2 Treat about not only living with type 1 himself, but having two type 1 daughters and how his teenage daughter is having a tough time at this point. Check out his "Teenage Diabetes Brain" post!


Our type 2 friend Ronnie Gregory at The Poor Diabetic pondered the quintessential question: Do you control your diabetes, or does is control you? He raises some interesting food for thought about the illusion of D-control.


June has also been saturated in soda news! Abby Bayer over at Six Until Me shares a story that so many of us have experienced at some point: the frustrating experience of having a diet soda switched out with regular! This soda-tastrophe leaves her with a new lesson, but hasn't swayed her from the establishment where the Great Soda Switch happened! Of course, Abby's story followed the news from New York City earlier in the month where a soda ban's being proposed and debated.


There's been a lot of talk lately about the evolution of our Diabetes Online Community and where it's going, and two posts that have explored that issue caught our attention: Wil Dubois over at Life After Dx, and Scott Strumello (who also wrote this month that he's shifting his blogging interest from not only diabetes business but also to a new one on retro pop culture!). Manny Hernandez at TuDiabetes and David Edelman at Diabetes Daily also started asking for feedback about what the D-Community wants to know from those who'll be attending the upcoming Roche Social Media Summit in Indianapolis in late July. And then, D-Mom Wendy Rose at Candy Hearts blogged about Raising the Next Generation of the DOC based on a conversation with her 8-year-old!


Lastly on a broader healthcare social media note: Amanda Dolan wrote over at WEGO Health about a new campaign called HealthSecret that's starting in July. It invites health bloggers to share secrets by sending in a postcard. This is inspired by the tremendously popular site PostSecret that our own Diabetes Online Community has embraced a few times before, and this is a great way to make our D-Community's voice really be heard in the larger patient community arena.


Over the years, we PWDs collect a lot of diabetes supplies, like glucose meters and lancing devices, that end up going unused... Check out Sara Knick's collection of relics from the past!


Glucagon kits are there for emergencies, but we all hope and pray we'll never have to use them. Sherry writes an emotionally charged post about giving her daughter Jenna a glucagon injection for a very sticky low blood sugar.


We've all heard the horror stories of flying with diabetes, but what about the friendly side of flying? Cara Richardson writes a wonderful post about her encounter with a TSA agent at her local airport.


We got a laugh from this post by Naomi over at Pancreas On My Sleeve, about visiting the ophthalmologist and learning that she may need to see a doctor specializing in "In-doc-reen" disorders... Ha!


We share our favorites every month, and we want to include yours, too! Please send along your D-post picks for the next month of July to us via email. We look forward to hearing from everyone!

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