We're in the height of summer, but that doesn't mean the DOC is slowing down. We hope you've all been enjoying our Summer Reading series of guest posts here at the 'Mine.  Today, check out our top picks of not-to-miss posts for July from all around the diabetes blogosphere:


Scott Strumello's 35th diaversary prompts him to reflect on his recent diabetes burn-out and the future of his own writing about diabetes.

Chris Snider has a lively talk with Olympic skier and type 1 diabetic Kris Freeman on a recent episode of his podcast, Just Talking.

Holy media stereotypes! Wendell Fowler, columnist at a local Indiana newspaper, really stirred things up when he attacked the Diabetes Youth Foundation of Indiana for their ice cream fundraiser... Check out all the passionate responses on the newspaper's website from some of the DOC's finest. Remember, if you see something inaccurate about diabetes, please speak up — and then tell the rest of us, so we can speak up, too!

Leighann Calentine chats it up with Denise Jonas — yep, that Jonas! Denise is spokesmom for the newest initiative by Disney and Lilly: Coco the Monkey, who has type 1 diabetes.

Did you miss out on this year's CWD Friends for Life conference like us? Lorraine reports about how Lilly and Disney are also partnering up to launch the Once Upon a Time contest, where you could win a trip to the 2012 Friends for Life conference. Woohoo!

Michele Brown interviews her husband on what it's really like to have a spouse with diabetes. Candid honesty here, People!

Lee Ann Thill has started her master's program studying art therapy in diabetes (congrats!) and one of her first assignments is to write about her personal core, which she says includes the Diabetes Online Community.

Mary, a new D-blogger on the scene, writes about her personal comfort with other people knowing she has diabetes... and wants to know if people are more or less private than her about sharing their diabetes? What say you?

Scott Strange, a typically cantankerous blogger (in the nicest sense possible!), writes eloquently about about his experience interacting with children with diabetes at this year's Friends for Life conference.

The Australian Diabetes Council produced a series of short films on people with diabetes for their awareness week earlier this month.

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