Here we are at the end of another July, and the heat's been on this past month! Not only in the outside temps across much of the States, but also here in the Diabetes Online Community (DOC)...Around The Blogosphere Logo

Yup, there have been many "hot" topics afoot -- from big D-conferences to advocacy initiatives to some great new stories about living with diabetes.

Here's a roundup of what caught our eye this month, in no particular order:


Hundreds of kids hit Capitol Hill this past month advocating as part of the JDRF's Children's Congress, and D-Mom Shari and her son Rocco had a very special meetup with the U.S. Vice President! Very exciting to read about this little man (Rocco, not the Veep) finding his courage during this whole advocacy event.

Amazing that a few-thousand people came out for the 13th annual Children With Diabetes Friends For Life conference in Orlando. There was a lot of Twitter activity at #CWDFFL13 and a number of blog posts too; one that caught our eye was "We Are All Made of Stars" by our friend Christel over at The Perfect D blog. Inspiring stuff, Christel!

On that topic of FFL, there was a fascinating panel discussion about how health care providers see and feel about social media. Adult type 1 blogger Scott Johnson hit the nail on the head that it's great to see these conversations starting. But there was also an interesting aspect of that session (and another) about social media privacy in the DOC, and D-Mom blogger Dolores was one of the parents who had some concerns after hearing what was said.

Led by D-Dad and advocate Bennet Dunlap, the DOC created an online initiative called Strip Safely that's aimed at getting the attention of the FDA and government leaders about the accuracy of glucose meters and test strips. There have been MANY posts featuring letters to Strip Safelythe FDA this month, and lots of talk using the hashtag #StripSafely, but this Diaturgy post caught our eye as pretty spot-on.

Chris Snider at A Consequence of Hypoglycemia got to wondering what motivates our community to write, and so he came up with an idea for a D-Blog Check Day, where our community was encouraged to chime in on the blogs they read. Many used the hashtag #dblogcheck to keep tabs on all the entries. Go on -- check it out, if you haven't yet!



Ah, snake oil salesmen... always a fun topic for our pancreatically-challenged community! Fellow D-Advocate Bob Pederson who is living with type 2 diabetes and blogs over at T Minus Two has a great post about how there's so much information and quack junk out there, and it can be tough to find what's real and what isn't.


Scott over at Rolling in the D had some thoughts earlier in the year about the Special Diabetes Program, but after some research and self-reflection he's going all in when it comes to advocating for this legislation... Very interesting to hear his thoughts on this.


Our friend and regular cartoonist Meredith Pack started a series of posts this past month about her real-life Diabetes Community, and she has a great collection of stories about some fabulous D-peeps who live nearby whom she's honored to know.


Karen at Dandelions, Daisies and Diabetes shares her story about moving to a new city and finding a good friend and support system. Of course, the online community has also been a big help, and we love the message Karen shares.


Are you a fan of orange juice for treating low blood sugars? If so, you'll love this post by Colleen over at d-meanderings even more!


It's tough to find someone in the Diabetes Online Community who hasn't read a blog by D-Mom Meri Schuhmacher... but one of her three boys with diabetes, B, blog-jacked Our Diabetic Life recently and shared some thoughts of his own about living with type 1! We love your voice, Meri, but hope to see some more "blog-jacking" by your boys before long... Thanks for sharing, B!Ginger Vlog


D-Sports expert and advocate Ginger Vieira has a funny D-Vlog this month called "Breaking Up With Diabetes"... this may be one to watch this one over a candlelight dinner with your significant other!


Fellow type 1 blogger Shara Bialo, who's a pediatric endo and blogs over at Diabetic Doc, has a fascinating post about what she discovered about how a teen was manipulating her meter to sculpt her blood sugar results... but Shara handled it like a pro, and her bedside manner is totally worth highlighting!


Innovation is all around us in the diabetes community, and Melissa over at Sweetly Voiced has a fantastic idea about how companies could make a control solution for insulin just like they do for checking test strips... we LOVE this idea, Melissa, and think it's one that would've been great for the DiabetesMine Design Challenge!


Congrats to Chris Stocker and his new wife Amanda, who tied the knot this past month! Of course, Chris wrote about the big day and a little about how diabetes behaved that day.


Thanks to all for great works this month! Naturally, we can't wait to see what the DOC has in store for August, so please let us know if any particular D-blogs catch your eye!

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