Another month has come and gone... and once again, we find ourselves overwhelmed with all the outstanding posts that have been published in the Diabetes Online Community in the past month! Here is just a small sampling of noteworthy posts from bloggers we're proud to know: 


Celebrity shame moment: Conan O'Brien caught the DOC's attention after a lame attempt to get a laugh earlier this month, when he used a Super Mario Brothers video game parody to mock people with diabetes. Fellow D-blogger Marie Smith found that  super offensive and she fired off a post expressing her disappointment in Conan's poor excuse for a joke.

One of the highlights of the month is always the annual Friends for Life conference in Orlando, Florida, hosted by Children With Diabetes.  Kim Vlasnik from Texting My Pancreas wrote a fantastic post about her thoughts on the conference, as a place where The Magic Lies. And after the fact, Kelly Kunik tried to hold on to that experience in simple ways, like refusing to take off her FFL bracelet.

We can always count on D-Mom Meri from Our Diabetic Life to have a beautifully written post on any topic, and this month she had many, including one that truly captures what it means to be a Friend For Life.

Sometimes this community totally blows us away with how quickly they can rally around someone in need! Last week, Wendy Rose, mom to 9-year-old Sugar, wrote on Facebook that her daughter recently got glasses and was upset that people might think she wasn't pretty if she wore both glasses and an insulin pump. Within 24 hours, 54 people had sent in photos of themselves wearing pumps, CGMs, and glasses, resulting in an amazing collaborative video featuring many familiar DOC faces. Check it out!

As we wrote early in the month, the DOC continues evolving and we're all trying to figure out how to co-exist together in this online world of sharing and advocacy. Nathan from Edibles writes about his own challenges in observing the DOC and figuring out how to advocate to the general public about diabetes.

But even in the DOC, people don't always find friendships that go beyond simply sharing their D-stories. Our friend Bob Pedersen from T Minus 2 shares his feelings in a post called Locks & Keys, reflecting on the difficulties he's experienced in doing this, and how our community can reflect any human relationship network.

What do we do despite diabetes, and what happens specifically because of diabetes? This is a key question many of us face in the DOC, and Scott Strange explores this conundrum in A Thin Line.

Workplace discrimination because of diabetes unfortunately happens, and Lizmari over at The Angry Type 2 Diabetic shares a personal story about how she experienced this when she was diagnosed. But, she points to the positive about how this was actually a beneficial thing for her life...

Sara Nicastro at Moments of Wonderful also explores that fine line every PWD faces in how they show their diabetes to the world. She captures the sentiment perfectly in this post that ends with the line: "I spend a lot of time and effort to convince you that living with diabetes is not that difficult, but I wish you didn't believe me."

Very high blood sugars are not fun and can be downright scary for any of us. D-Dad Scott Benner of Arden's Day shares the fear he felt when his daughter Arden had her first DKA experience that almost landed her in the hospital. We're sorry to hear this happened, but so glad Arden is OK and braved her way through this scary experience (as did her awesome parents, of course!).

Parents have enough guilt these days: to breastfeed or not to breastfeed, to co-sleep or not to co-sleep... Mothers with diabetes have added guilt on top of all that, and Melissa Lee shares her frustrations and sadness when a nurse unwittingly accuses her of causing her baby son to be born big.

Scott E. who writes at Rolling in the D explores, "Do as I say, not as I do," listing a number of things that we as PWDs are not supposed to do... but we probably do them anyway!

Our buddy Manny Hernandez, fearless leader of the Diabetes Hands Foundation, celebrates the big 4-0 this month and we wish him a very happy belated birthday. Manny shares 40 lessons he's learned over the past 40 years... and he shows that he is a very wise man indeed!

Jane Kokernak at A Sweet Life shares the touching story of Bridget, a type 1 PWD and friend of mine, who was violently attacked ten years ago but celebrated her wedding day this month. Jane writes, "Bridget's story reminds me that diabetes, which on some days feels like The Big Story to me, may be secondary in many lives, which have been complicated by bigger challenges, events, traumas, and eventual happiness." Bridget's father wrote their story for the Vows section of the New York Times. We dare you not to cry.


We share our favorites every month, but we want to include yours too! Please send along your D-post picks for the month of August to us via email. We look forward to hearing from you.

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