Welcome again to 2012! Last year, we launched a monthly recap of the best blog posts we've seen around the blogosphere, and now we're back with even more awesome posts that can't be missed. As always, we love reader participation, so please feel free to send us your recommendations for the next round-up.

It's often difficult to explain to others what it's really like to live with diabetes. Patricia Brownell, a type 1 PWD and athlete with Team Type 1, attempts to shed a little light on this topic.Well said. Big thanks to reader Rebecca S. for sending this in!

Although this meme has taken on a thousand different forms, we laughed ourselves silly with this interpretation: S#!% Diabetics Say, courtesy of blogger and TT1 runner Marcus Grimm and his videographer daughter.

Last spring, MTV released a call for PWDs to apply for their True Life reality show series. Earlier this month, the episode True Life: I Have Diabetes finally aired. Bloggers like Kelly Kunik and Cara Richardson chimed in with what they had to say about the portrayal of diabetes.

This post on what it's like to marry into diabetes from David Edelman had us going "Awwwww!" Really, it's a must-read!

As bloggers, we can often see the search terms that lead folks to our online home. Sometimes the terms are funny, sometimes bizarre, and sometimes downright scary and sad. Scott Strange has a message to those who find the DOC during difficult times.

Whether it's the doldrums of winter, seasonal affective disorder, or full-on depression, many of us go through a rough patch during this time of year. Mike Hoskins discloses the difficulties he's had recently and the steps he's taking to get better. We wish him luck!

George Simmons shares a story of his meeting with the famous Dr. Bill Polonsky and how even a small step towards a goal can be a huge accomplishment.

In parenting, you never know if you've done all you can to prepare your children. But Jill shares that sometimes they might just surprise you!

Speaking of parenting, congrats to Heidi, who gave birth to her little one this month!

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