Everyday, the diabetes online community is getting bigger and bigger... it's easy to get overwhelmed and feel like you're missing out on stuff! We've been doing our best to keep tabs on all the great discussions, and decided it would be a good idea to share a little 'round-up' of some of our fave posts at the end of each month. Enjoy, Partners!

First off, congrats to Ginger Vieira on the publication of her new book "Your Diabetes Science Experiment" — we have a review of the book coming soon!

There was another media upset earlier this month when Ricki Lake "mistakenly" said that type 1 diabetes was "preventable" — errr, no! Lucky for us, Kelly Kunik (aka K2) hopped on the phone with Ricki's publicist to set the record straight.

On the TSA and insulin pumps: Kerri shares her first-hand account of a pat-down at the airport.

Ever bolus and bolus and bolus, but your BGs never seem to come down... and then all of a sudden, you start plummeting? George Simmons — our resident D-ninja! — describes this "bubble bolus" phenomenon.

Karen changes her lancet every morning. Color me impressed!

Diabetes is not always pretty: Jacquie shares her experience of having to handle an alcohol-induced low blood sugar with the help of glucagon. Take notes, Folks.

Bob Pederson shows that even the most active members of the D-community can sometimes slip up IRL (that's In Real Life, in cyber-speak).

Healthcare reform is often a tenuous debate, and Leighann shares her thoughts on why the recent reforms are important for children with diabetes.

We'll be back with another round-up at the end of February... Of course, if you spot a post you love, drop us a note!

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