Hard to believe we're a month into 2013, already!

We're pleased to continue with the monthly recap of fave D-blog posts from around the Diabetes Online Community (DOC) we started back in 2011. This year, we look forward to highlighting even more awesome posts that shouldn't oughta be missed. As always, we'd love to hear from you re: any others you think are worth mentioning.

Here's a sampling of what caught our eye in January 2013:


We yelped at the news about Congress approving the Special Diabetes Program as part of its "fiscal cliff" deal. But nothing is ever as simple as it seems. Scott over at Rolling In The D took a critical look at this diabetes funding news and analyzed his own torn feelings about the issue.


Two longtime type 1s and 50-year Joslin medalists, Richard Vaughn and Tom Beatson, took some time for a video interview recently to share their stories of living with diabetes since the 1940s! Here's to many more years, Guys!


Hey FDA: meet D-Advocate Bennet Dunlap! Our friend is not only a D-Dad but fellow PWD himself went before an FDA panel to talk about the need for a new class of diabetes drugs, known as SGLT-2 drugs. He was representing our community on an important topic, and he calls for other patients to get involved, too. Thanks for stepping up, Bennet!


We all know low blood sugars are scary, but fellow D-bloggers Scott Johnson and Wil Dubois recently endured two severe hypos that left Scott passed out and Wil fearing for his life. Yikes! We're glad you guys are OK, and that you found the courage to share these scary experiences with the world.


Speaking of lows, D-Mom Meri Schuhmacher wrote a creative and funny Letter to a Low after one came over her son recently.


George "Ninjabetic" Simmons also wrote a descriptive -- yet eerie -- post about what it feels like having a low blood sugar, while Kelly Kunik at Diabetesaliciousness captures that frustrating "5 Minutes" (or longer!) as we're waiting for BGs to rise after a Low.


Of course, we can't forget about those yucky stuck-in-molasses high blood sugars, either... Thanks again to Meri, for this Anatomy of a High!


We've been excited to see D-Dad Tom Karlya kickstart his D-blogging and make it a more regular thing! This month, one of his great posts asked: "Is Finding Nemo About Diabetes?" It's a creative spin on a fun movie, and well-worth the read. Meanwhile, this other post of his wasn't what we expected after reading the intro... it turned into a tear-jerking, heart-warming story about a PWD who's no longer with us.


Talking about depression can be hard enough, but convincing your counselor to write a guest-post for you and encourage others to get the help they might be hesitating to find? Now, that's just inspiring! Scott Strange over at Strangely Diabetic introduced us to Morpheus, and what she has to say is worth the read!

We have all kinds of celebrities in our Diabetes Community, and one of those is '80s TV Dad Alan Thicke from Growing Pains, who in real life has a son living with type 1. Laura Kolodjeski over at Sanofi's blog, Discuss Diabetes, has a nice interview with Mr. Thicke.


Our relationship with food can be a complicated one, as PWDs. Sometimes it can really be unhealthy. D-Blogger and advocate Lee Ann Thill is doing something about that, studying the issue with creation of a new website project called VIAL (Voice, Insulin, Art, & Life). She describes the VIAL Project at her blog, The Butter Compartment. (We also wrote about it, here.)


While we're talking relationships, new D-Blogger Reva Berman at Type ONEderful tells us about her love-hate relationship with "Mr. Sugar" (can you guess who this might be?), from when they first met to how much time they spend together!


Finally, Cynthia Zuber over at DiabetesLight considers, in a poem, how diabetes might need a new name -- something a little more "life-giving." Mmm-hmm.

We share our favorites each month, and we'd love to include yours, too. Please send along your D-post picks for the month of February (a little DOC Love for Heart Day!) to us via email. We look forward to hearing from you!

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