The summer months are quickly rolling by and we're done with another July. And boy -- has this been a busy one in the Diabetes Online Community (DOC)!julyroundup

Hot summer topics range from new doings at the big CWD Friends For Life conference in Florida, to major changes in national leadership, to a beauty queen with diabetes, to new patient-led advocacy initiatives and some surprising new angles on living with D.

Here's a roundup of those posts caught our eye this month, in no particular order:


Of course, the big news about CEO changes at JDRF and the American Diabetes Association surprised many of us, and we've been working hard here at the 'Mine to get more information about what this all means for the D-Community as we move forward. The ADA should be close to naming an interim leader, so stay tuned for that news, and also early next week, we'll bring you an exclusive Q&A with the JDRF's new CEO.


The D-Community came together with a wave of new blog posts on July 22, marking another annual Diabetes Blog Check-In Day (fondly known on Twitter as #DBlogCheck Day). This big "reach out and comment" effort was once again coordinated by Christopher Snider who blogs at A Consequence of Hypoglycemia, and we very much enjoyed reading through and commenting on all of the dozens of posts that went up! Check out the Storify wrap-up on that, too!

Did you see that beauty queen wearing an insulin pump?! The Miss Idaho news has taken the media by storm this month, Sierra with Pump on Bikinicapturing the attention of the public mainstream. It's been great to see Idaho's Sierra Sandison, dx'd with type 1 a couple of years ago, raising the level of diabetes and medical device awareness and inspiring so many in the D-Community, from this post to this one. No doubt you've seen this photo of her bikini-clad, with her t:slim pump in plain sight, that's helped spark the #ShowMeYourPump social media campaign.


Of course, the Children With Diabetes Friends For Life conference took place in early July and hundreds of families and adults with type 1 flocked to Florida, enjoying the experience of wearing those green bracelets that say, "I'm part of this special community." We've also been excited to see a few D-Mom bloggers -- Joanne, Wendy and Misty -- sharing their awesome news about being part of the Bionic Pancreas trials -- or "Going Bionic!" as they like to phrase it.

It can be tough hearing our doctors "say no" when it comes to a new device or treatment that we want to try. Our D-blogging friend Sarah Kaye went through that recently when she wanted to try out a new medication. Here's what she has to say about that doctor rejection.


So often, we think doctors and other healthcare professionals (HCPs) just "don't get it" when it comes to living with diabetes... that's why fellow D-blogger Kim Vlasnik teamed up with CDE Michelle Litchman on a very cool initiative aimed at helping HCPs get a glimpse into real life with diabetes. Check out the "Fakebetes HCP Challenge"!


Grumble, grumble, grump... that's what many of us do when dealing with insurance companies or medical supply distributors. Thisletter by Shaun Frisbee over at The Frisbian blog has a pretty eye-popping story of, well, frustration... you just gotta read it to believe it.


Diabetes is such a personal condition, and that's just what Sam expresses in this post over at The Good, The Bad, and the Diabetes (great blog name, btw!).


Our hearts cried a bit when reading this emotional post by Christel Aprigliano, on how she thinks her daughter might sometimes perceive her when diabetes gets in the way. You might need a tissue for this one, Friends.

CureMoll Tutorial


If you ever wanted to know what it's like putting a screen cover on your Dexcom G4 receiver, then this visual tutorial by Mollie Singer is just what you need!


Teaching people about diabetes and dispelling myths is something even the most vocal D-advocates are always working to improve, but this little girl does it all so very well with a science project at school. Thanks to D-Dad Tom Karlya for sharing this story.


We share our favorites every month, but we want to include yours too! Please send along your D-post picks for the month of August to us via email. We look forward to hearing from you.

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