What a monumental month December has been for all of us -- marking the year's end, celebrating the holidays, and looking ahead to all that's on the horizon. We recently took a big look back at the diabetes news of 2014 ourselves. And now, before we mark the very end of 2014, we wanted to take the opportunity to share some great posts from the diabetes blogosphere this past month.

DOC Roundup Logo for Dec 2013

As always, there are some outstanding DOC contributions that caught our eye, and we love to hear recommendations from you all as well. Here are our picks for this month, in no particular order:


Big changes are coming soon for the TuDiabetes community, as the popular site will be getting a new look thanks to a different platform. Very exciting! We're also excited about our own similar news, as we'll be joining forces with Healthline in January and moving to a new online home there.


The end of the year also marks the competition for the Best Betes Blogs of all in 2014. Before the clock runs down on this calendar year, make sure to head on over to Sara's post at Moments of Wonderful to cast your votes!


How can anyone forget that the big national diabetes awareness month just took place last month, in November? Well, D-Dad Tom Karlya takes a breath and reflects on what we may have all missed during that month of diabetes awareness and advocacy...

D-Dad Scott Benner at Arden's Day shares a memory from the time years ago when they were first considering an insulin pump for their young daughter, and the educators and doctors seemed to be forcing their preferences on his family. His take on that experience and an important message overall is: Don't Let Doctors Push a Pump On You!


Craig Idlebrook at Insulin Nation has a great interview and news post featuring D-Dad Alan Thicke, the actor many of us recognize and remember from his hallmark role on the TV show Growing Pains. (His son Brennan lives with type 1.)

Longtime type 1 Rick Phillips (a fellow Indiana man!) recenty started applying his blogging skills to the arthritis site, Creaky Joints. Thanks for helping our diabetes voice expand beyond just the DOC, Rick!

In Australia, Renza at Diabetogenic writes this very brave and honest post about what comes after diabetes burnout. We can't say thanks enough or send enough hugs to our fellow type 1 blogging friend overseas, and we wish her well.

Let Loose is the message Kerri Sparling shares at Six Until Me, when reflecting on our diabetes community, the good we can do, and how we all must balance our own personal diabetes or D-lives with all the community-ness.

Our friends over at A Sweet Life have a short and sweet how-to post that we just couldn't resist sharing. How could we, when it's called: How To Make Basal Rate Testing Less Brutal? Thanks for the tips!

If you could draw a diabetes wild card in terms of being relieved of a D-burden, what would you ask for? That's the awesome question Stephen at Happy Medium asks, and he has some great perspective to share.


Martin Wood at Diabetically Speaking saw a regular life interrupted thanks to irregularly scheduled diabetes (i.e., high blood sugars and all the things that come with that). Yep, we felt ourselves nodding right along with this one. And of course, it all came about the same time as the announcement of Martin's new site, the PLAID Journal (People Living With And Inspired By Diabetes)!






Have you heard of longtime D-friend Tom Beatson, who's been living with type 1 for more than seven decades? Laddie over at Test Guess and Go has a great post about Tom along with some memorable words from the man himself.

A new blog came across our radar, and we're saying Hi! And Welcome! to Erin, who penned this post about her Tightrope of Ten Years with diabetes.

Meanwhile, our friend Karen Graffeo at Bittersweet Diabetes marked her 35th diaversary recently. Here's a happy anniversary from us!

Christel Aprigliano at The Perfect D continues her very informative series on the cost of diabetes in the U.S. with this insightful look at how much we spend on diabetes supplies. Ugh.


Thanks to all for these great posts, and for all the wonderful writing throughout 2014! Naturally, we can't wait to see what the DOC has in store for this next year... 

And with tomorrow night in mind, we thought it was a perfect time to re-visit this New Year's cartoon from last year, created by the very talented cartoonist Jerry King, who helps us visualize New Year's Eve from a PWD's POV:





Have a Safe New Year's Eve, DOC friends, and Happy New Year!

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