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February may be a shorter month, but that doesn't mean our Diabetes Online Community is short of amazing content. With love in the Around The Blogosphere Logo February 2013air as usual this Valentine's month, we wanted to follow that theme by showing our love for fellow D-Bloggers who've bared their hearts and souls once again in a month of outstanding posts!

Here are 13 "must-reads" that caught our eye this month:


Heart Bullet PointOur D-Community came together again in big ways this month! First, the community united for the Spare a Rose, Save a Child campaign that raised over $2,500 for the International Diabetes Federation's Life for a Child program. Then in the final weeks of February, we collectively raised awareness about National Eating Disorder Week, as the Diabetes Advocates group helped spread word about this important issue. Great work, DOC!

Heart Bullet PointIn late February, the Biggest Loser realty show featured some diabetes talk... and drew the ire of a some fellow D-Bloggers. Both Chris Stocker, an adult living with type 1, and Hallie Addington whose daughter is type 1, didn't care for the TV show's portrayal of diabetes.


Heart Bullet PointHappy diabetes anniversary (diaversary) goes out to D-Blogger Scott Strange over at Strangely Diabetic, who marked 43 years of living with type 1 and shared some thoughts on how his view of these anniversaries has changed over time.

Glucose Tab M&M Container

Heart Bullet PointWe PWDs (people with diabetes) are always on the lookout for portable containers that we can toss some fast-acting sugar or glucose tabs into, and the singing-sensation PWD Mollie Singer found a perfect one when sharing some Valentine's Day candy with her non-diabetic twin sister, Jackie. Thanks for the sweet idea, Ladies!

Heart Bullet PointThe notion that type 1 diabetes needs a name change has been around for decades, and D-Dad Tom Karlya highlighted it again recently thanks to all the latest misinformation and talk about diabetes types not being properly distinguished. Tom has some advice to those thinking about the possibility of new labels.

Heart Bullet PointThanks to the Diabetes Community Advocacy Foundation (DCAF), the whole Diabetes Social Media Advocacy (DSMA) effort continues growing with the return of the DSMA Connect Series! This started up last year, but didn't really get off the ground at first... but now it's back in full force! This month, our friend Cherise Shockley does a Q&A with a fellow PWD in Canada who helps connect the Adult D-Community.

Heart Bullet PointComplications aren't fun to talk about, but Jess Collins over at Me and D faces her fears and shares her feelings on that topic in an honest and very real way.

Heart Bullet PointIt's always interesting to look back in time at the history of diabetes management, and Kerri Sparling did that recently over at Six Until Me. You might be surprised to see what she found used to be "forbidden" food.

Heart Bullet PointMike Durbin, one of our regular cartoonists, has spiced up his blog, My Diabetic Heart. Go check out the new design for his online space, where he shares his stories of living with type 2 diabetes and heart disease.


Heart Bullet PointYou may remember that D-Dad Bennet Dunlap was one of the winners of a Diabetes Hands Foundation seed grant to fund his Drinking with Diabetes effort... well, that site launched at the end of January and in the month since, a collection of DOC voices have shared their own stories about drinking and diabetes... including our very own "Uncle Wil" Dubois!

Heart Bullet PointAttention! D-Mom Wendy Rose wrote a tear-jerker about a girl with diabetes she met during her time as an ER nurse, and this is well worth a read... just make sure you have your tissue box handy before reading.

Heart Bullet PointPictures are worth 1,000 words, right? Well, that's what Chris Snider was thinking when he created a site specifically designed for people to share photos of their Dexcom devices! The Daily Dexcom has some great shots, like trend graphs in all forms and various device snapshots for our D-viewing pleasure.

Heart Bullet PointAnd last not least, our friend D-Dad Bennet Dunlap at YDMV reports on what he heard in Dexcom's recent earnings call: the new Dexcom Share product "was described as a docking station for a Dexcom receiver that could send information to 'designated recipients' ... For parents this sounds something like mySentry." Hmm, we'll be very interested to probe more into that!


We share our favorites every month, but we want to include yours! Please send along your D-post picks for the month of March to us via email. We look forward to hearing from y'all.

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