Autumn is just around the corner (sniff!) ... So as you wind down from your summer vacation, let us help you catch up on some of the gems of the diabetes blogosphere that you may have missed while you were away:

It was just a typical day at Starbucks until Nicole Purcell encountered a woman suffering a severe hypoglycemic reaction. Nicole's compassion and quick thinking inspires us to give her the award for PWD We'd Most Like to Have with Us During an Emergency.

We love diabetes humor as much as the next person, but does it matter who says the joke? When a famous humor blogger uses diabetes as the punchline, is it going too far? Lee Ann Thill eloquently examines this issue.

Let's give some love to Stacey Divone, who was recently diagnosed with diabetic retinopathy. We feel for you, Stacey!

Moira McCarthy Stanford examines the different priorities between those who have diabetes, and those who love them.

32 years with diabetes and Karen Graffeo is still finding new things she's never done with this illness, like basal testing for example.

Sarah Knicks is hard at work on a project for college students who are involved in social media and she needs YOUR help. Check out her blog post and offer some assistance if you can.

Big congratulations to George Simmons who is celebrating his fifth "breathaverysary" — it's been 5 years since our Ninjabetic quit smoking! Hurrah! If you or your loved one is interested in quitting smoking, we urge you to visit for resources and support.

Taylor, the older sister of 13-year-old Daniel, a PWD, and daughter of Vivian, a parent D-blogger, writes a touching tribute to her brother and her perspective on his diabetes.

Mike Durbin reminds us that when dealing with chronic disease, there's really no time like the present to tell your loved ones how much they mean to you.


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