We are winding down the summer months and making way for Fall... and there have been so many great posts this past month.

Here's our monthly snapshot of a selection that we found particularly noteworthy (in no particular order):


Yes, the online universe has lit up with the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge -- and that's awesome! Over at A Sweet Life, two diabetes bloggers Moira McCarthy and Alex O'Meara take opposing views on whether our D-Community needs our own diabetes spin on that viral challenge, to ignite our advocacy and awareness efforts. Lots to think about!


 ice bucket challenge


Diabetes educators held their big annual meeting early in the month, and a smattering of diabetes advocates were there talking up social media, peer support, and the patient voice. Two different sessions focused specifically on the DOC (Diabetes Online Community), while the topic of patient voice was also weaved into other programming. Check out the hashtag #AADE14SocialMedia for reports. It's great to see D-bloggers like Kelly Kunik and Bennet Dunlap (among others) engaging these educators on our behalf.


Diabetes Stigma exists in a lot of places, and this absolutely excellent article on Mashable hits that topic with some powerful voices in our D-Community. Featured blogger and advocate Kim Vlasnik of Texting My Pancreas has some more to say on the topic over at her own site, too.


Speaking of diabetes advocacy and community, over at YDMV Bennet reports that among other things, the power of the DOC helped solicit over 500 comments on FDA's open docket on Medical Device Data Systems (MDDS) guidance. That's up from a measly 31 comments on the initial MDDS rulemaking in 2011, and about 5x more than were submitted to draft guidance on mobile medical apps last year.



The DOC has also been focusing on Medicare's coverage of CGMS lately, from JDRF's advocacy to this patient community writeup and this live TuDiabetes panel discussion. Not to mention this new CGM Safely initiative set up for our community.


CGM Safely



Voting started for a fellow type 1 Sierra Sandison who's already crowned Miss Idaho, but is now competing for Miss America 2015! Yes, Sierra and her #ShowMeYourPump social media campaign have kicked into high-gear as our D-Community shows support via video-voting going on through Sept. 12!


Diabetes poetry rocks our world. And this one ("If I Were Ever") by Kerri Sparling of SixUntilMe is so clever and fun, she just might be our D-Community's own Dr. Seuss-style poet with diabetes! (see also: our "Dr. Seuss Fun with Diabetes" poem from waaaay back in 2005.)


This month has marked another Back to School season, and many of the D-parent bloggers have been chiming in on that topic as their kiddos head back to class with D on board. A few reporting who caught our eye: D-Mom Leighanne Calentine and D-Dad Tom Karlya.


D-Mom Wendy Morgan marked the 10th anniversary of her little one's diagnosis with type 1, writing about this emotional diaversary over at her Diabetes Life Balance blog.


Remember the bad old days long before flavored glucose tabs existed? D-Blogger and longtime type 1 Scott Johnson sure does... (btw, did you catch the new design of Scott's blog? Looks great!)


Our blogging friend The Grumpy Pumper over in Europe marked the 20th year of type 1, with a clever poem entitled 20 Shades of D. Happy diaversary!


Blogger and podcaster Christopher Snider made this brilliant flow-chart to keep track of how our D-Community uses various social media channels. New online channels pop up all the time, so who knows what comes next?



Social Media Flow Chart



Hey, we aren't the only ones who get all excited when a 100 mg/dL flashes across our meter screens -- D-blogger Karen Graffeo does, too! And she has a fun little way to mark those times, and build up to something even more cool. Any thoughts on what she might buy when her bucks add up? :)


 At first, this Ninjabetic hypo post made us a little sad... but then, the ending line brings a smile. Sorry for the work-impacting low, George, but glad to see that kind of response.


D-blogger Rachel Kertstetter at Probably Rachel shares this insightful guest post from a friend, about how social media has opened up her world. Totally sums up what the DOC has meant for so many of us.


D-Dad Scott Benner, who many may know from his blogging over at Arden's Day, started a cool series about Diabetes and Fear, and this post about how his type 1 daughter felt "really dizzy" during a baseball game. Scott is such a great writer, you won't want to miss this story or series.


Dear Fellow PWD... yup, that's how Heidi at The D-Log Cabin starts her letter to fellow diabetics, and she has some heartfelt things to say to all of us. Take a read.


We share our favorites every month, but want to include yours as well. Please email us your personal favorite D-post picks for the month of September. We look forward to hearing from you!

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