We're winding down another summer (bummer!) and making way for Fall. Amazing how time flies...

This has been a VERY busy August in terms of diabetes activity and advocacy, so while it's always tough to pinpoint just a handful of the great postAround-The-Blogosphere-Logo August DOCs out there in the Diabetes Online Community (DOC), we found it particularly challenging this month! But we managed somehow. So here's our monthly snapshot of posts we found particularly noteworthy (in no particular order):


A big court ruling came out of California at the start of the month, finding that school nurses aren't the only ones allowed to give insulin to students with diabetes. D-Mom Leighann Calentine featured a guest-post from another D-Mom who lives in California and offers some great thoughts to share about this ruling.

Google me this, Google me that... Carbohydrates included! The Diabetes Community got a treat this month when we learned from Scott Benner at Arden's Day that Google had added a way to easily find the carb counts for foods you're eating -- right from your smartphone, too. Very cool!


On another food-related note, Bennet Dunlap over at Your Diabetes May Vary (YDMV) pointed us to the FDA Blog relating to new food label regulations for gluten-free options on the shelves. More info = good!


On Aug. 26, a special edition of Diabetes Art Day came together with dozens of D-peeps creating their own works of D-Art to illustrate how they feel about diabetes test strip accuracy. We created 0ur own submission, of course, but there were so many others from so many talented advocates to check out! One we especially like came from our friend Mike Durbin, who had some ironic inspiration for his D-Art.StripSafelyDArt Logo

Each individual who raises their voice in diabetes advocacy does make a difference, according to D-Dad Tom Karlya, who wrote a beautiful post about that. Worth reading through in case you ever question whether your voice really matters.

So many of us have felt blamed and judged because of our diabetes, but fellow type 1 Renza Scibilia in Australia has a message for those in the medical profession: "Please leave your judgment at the door." Definitely worth a read, and also passing along to your doc if needed.

You say you want a revolution? Well, D-blogger Stacey Divone is thinking her diabetes devices have started a revolution of their own! She's had some recent challenges with her OmniPod and CGM, and is hoping this "revolution" comes to a peaceful end soon.

Meghann over at My Eyelash Wishes bravely posted about her past struggles with diabulimia, in a two-part account of what she faced in standing up to those Old Demons.

There's nothing like juice to help treat a low blood sugar... but what happens when you have to battle someone else for that juice? Fellow type 1 Christel Aprigliano, who's a mommy on top of everything else, faced that juice tug-of-war recently during a night-time hypo.Dex G4 Low

Speaking of low blood sugars, type 3 wife Sue in Pennsylvania shared a story over at Test, Guess & Go about the first time she witnessed her longtime husband, Marc, experiencing a severe hypo. A scary scenario, and we so appreciate you reflecting on that and sharing the lesson with us!

Meanwhile, Karen Graffeo at Bitter-Sweet Diabetes has a confession: she may be a low blood sugar over-treater. She wrote an expose admitting this and also analyzing the reasons behind not being able to stick to the almost-laughable rule of "eat 15g of carbs and wait" that PWDs are supposed to follow.

Our friend Scott Strange (who also happens to be the Patient Voices Contest winner we profiled yesterday!) shared some honest criticism about those times when Twitter hashtags are over-used and even abused. Something to keep in mind, in this 21st Twitter world...

Fellow type 1 Shara Bialo, who is a pediatric endo by trade, had a touching post about how she's gotten frantic calls from D-parents who've hit their breaking point in the early days after a diabetes diagnosis... makes your heart hurt and feel a little warm all at the same time, and also makes you want to double-check that there's enough insulin stocked up at home!


Thanks to all for great works this month! Naturally, we can't wait to see what the DOC has in store for September, so please let us know if any particular D-blogs catch your eye.

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