We are winding down the summer months and making way for Fall. There've been so many great posts this past month... here's our monthly snapshot of some we found particularly noteworthy (in no particular order):


We got a kick out of this post by Alexis Pollak over at I Run on Insulin, who tried to do a little advocacy when checking out at the local pharmacy! Totally laugh and sigh-worthy!

Meanwhile, D-Mom Hallie Addington over at The Princess and the Pump writes about an instance of water park discrimination a friend of hers experienced this summer.

D-Dad Scott Benner shares a sweet story over at Arden's Day about how his type 1 daughter is putting on her "Big Girl Pants," and - thanks to a new law allowing CWDs to check their BGs in class — she'll be doing more of her D-management as she begins third grade.

The topic of hiding your diabetes or wearing it on your sleeve is a universal one that every PWD must deal with. We hear many of those stories, but it's interesting to read Richard Vaughn's recent post about how he tackled this issue at different points in his life after his diagnosis more than six decades ago!


Another thing all of us PWDs know is what it's like to be stalked by used test strips. Teen D-blogger Claire Montgomery over at Thoughts on Life with Diabetes embraces her inner prankster and has a little fun with the idea! Just check out some of these "greatly placed" strips!

Finding new diabetes blogs is always fun, and we loved seeing our Australian Twitter friend Simon Boots start up his own blog, Simon from the 70s, this month!

On that note, we wrote earlier this summer about the growing Twitter-chat phenom outside the U.S., and Jess Collins over at Me and D updated us that even more exciting Diabetes Online Community growth is going on across the globe.

Karmel Allison admits she is a fan of reality TV show Project Runway, and with that she's encouraging fashion designer Tim Gunn to create a show theme aimed at women who coordinate their attire and accessories to accommodate a medical issue. We're with you on this one, Karmel!

Chris Stocker over at The Life of a Diabetic has a comprehensive and insightful Q&A with D-Dad Bennet Dunlap, in regard to the FDA and how it reviews and approves diabetes technology. Worth a read!

This one by Wendy Rose at Candy Hearts is a post that requires a box of tissues nearby when you read it...  She Didn't See Me is beautifully expressed and tugs at the heart-strings.

On a lighter note, is it "diabeetus," "diabeteetis" or "diabeetees?" Victoria Cumbo shares an awesome video that hits on this question, highlighting something our community so often laughs and shakes our heads about (whenever a Wilford Brimley commercial appears). Love this!

Sharing personal stories is what this community is all about, and Kerri Sparling recently gave people that chance over at Six Until Me following a newspaper article about how many people with diabetes are misdiagnosed. The response was outstanding!

And Kerri hit it out of the park yet again with "Insulin Haiku." Got one of your own? Do share...

Over at ASweetLife, talented PWD journalist Catherine Price takes a hard look at the much-hyped and quite controversial D-research of Dr. Denise Faustman, in a post aptly subtitled "How Excited Should You Be?" — while her colleague Karmel provides the in-depth background on the project.

And happy 28th birthday to our buddy Chris over at A Consequence of Hypoglycemia. We love you, AND your cats, Mister!

We share our favorites every month, but we want to include yours too! Please send along your D-post picks for the month of September to us via email. We look forward to hearing from you.

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