April showers bring May flowers... and they also bring us some of our fave blog posts!  Here's our very own monthly diabetes "blog carnival":



For WEGO Health's April series of health prompts, Sue reflects on things you need to learn the hard way, like... diabetes sucks?

Stacey Divone takes the new Accu-Chek Fastclix lancing device for a test drive.

Legendary type 2 blogger David Mendosa muses on the "wonderdrug" metformin: is this something we all should be taking?

Talk about shock and awe! Kerri Sparling describes a run-in with a stranger at a gas station... and his reaction to her insulin pump is nothing short of appalling (make sure you read to the end!)

Jacquie Wojcik reflects on how, way back when, "syringes helped me sell myself as a fearless badass to peers and colleagues." But she sure doesn't miss the pokes now that she's a pumper!


As adults, we all worry about what diabetes can do to our body, or the body of the ones we love. But what happens when a child starts to worry about diabetes? Hallie describes a poignant conversation with her young daughter.

Scott Johnson showcases his slideshow from a recent presentation at the International Diabetes Center Symposium for Advanced Diabetes Educators. See what he has to say about being a patient on social media!

When you have one child with diabetes, it's a natural instinct to watch for the same symptoms in their siblings. Steve reflects on the worry that comes from the watching and perhaps waiting for diabetes to strike his older daughter.

Sometimes we're lucky and the things we worry about clear themselves up. Cara Richardson, who found out about an eye bleed, heard some encouraging news this month from her ophthalmologist.

Kathy, who also had an opthalmologist appointment, reflects beautifully on what she would remember about the world in the event she someday loses her eyesight.

Every time we speak out about our life with diabetes, we are speaking out on behalf of all PWDs. George Simmons explains what makes him a diabetes advocate.

And finally, a Happy 26th Diaversary to our wonderful cartoonist, Kim Vlasnik!



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