April showers bring May flowers... or so they say. In 2014, many parts of the country are just now starting to warm up a bit after a crazy-cold winter, with ice and snow blasting the Midwest even into this month!aprildoc

Weather aside, we've been showered (hah!) with some outstanding diabetes blog posts this past month -- ranging from newsier items to a whole bunch of great personal blog posts hitting on pretty much every aspect of living with diabetes.

Here's our very own monthly diabetes "blog carnival," in no particular order:


We were thrilled to see type 1 diabetes appear prominently above the fold in the New York Times, in a story by well-known health writer Elisabeth Rosenthal -- but that excitement faded for many in the DOC when we read the full article and realized that it seemed to dismiss essential diabetes devices as unnecessary accoutrements. Our Diabetes Community responded en force, including our own take at the 'Mine, and at least 17 other blog posts (scroll on down to bottom of our post to see a list).  The NYT public editor even penned a response to the numerous reactions, that is also worth a read.


Did you hear that R&B singer and song coach Usher Raymond from The Voice is now a D-Dad, with his son being diagnosed with type 1 this past year? Christel Aprigliano at The Perfect D and Bennet Dunlap at YDMV have some great advice for Usher.


A lot of blogging has been done recently about glucose meter and test strip accuracy, and for good reason: The FDA is still welcoming comments on draft rules, but the May 7 deadline is quickly approaching, so let's not miss our chance to let them know how we feel! You can follow the lead of our friends over at the Diabetes Hands Foundation and leave a comment (or a second one) before that deadline hits!

And when it comes to advocating for the patient community in front of regulators, Bennet Dunlap has it going on. He was one of several D-Advocates who spoke at an FDA hearing about the need for a new inhaled insulin, Afrezza. Don't miss his great recap over at YDMV.


Fellow type 1 Chris Snider organized another "Day of Diabetes" this past month on April 10, and many of us in the DOC participated by sharing snippets from our daily activities in living with diabetes. Follow the hashtag at #dayofdiabetes for insights.


A new fave is Ninjabetic TV, created by our friend George Simmons over at his Ninjabetic blog, with the help of another D-peep Brad Slaight. Their latest installment called Diabetes Court is crazy-funny and worth a watch as many times as you can muster! Thanks for the creative advocacy, George and Brad!

Ninjabetic TV Ep 3


Also don't miss: the tale of an awesome D-meetup in Flastaff, AZ, at Laddie's blog Test Guess & Go (which you'll love). We love the story behind how it came to be!


The last weekend of April brought us another DiabetesSisters event, this one in Washington D.C., where hundreds of women gathered for a great interchange. Both Karen Graffeo at BitterSweet Diabetes and Stacey Divone at The Girl With The Portable Pancreas posted great write-ups about their experiences there.


We've even got D-poets in our blogging community, and this post by Jessica at T1DActiveLiving in Canada includes not only poetry but a great inspirational vibe to all who read it.


"Are you okay?" is never an easy question, for those of us with faulty pancrea who sometimes have low blood sugars out in public. Fellow D-blogger Kim Vlasnik writes over at Texting My Pancreas about "the answer" to that question, and how we never seem to know right at the moment when we're asked... (And speaking of poetry: Happy 28th diaversary this month to Kim!)


If only we knew then what we now know... those who've been around the DOC the longest might do things a bit differently, but then, maybe not. Kerri Sparling at Six Until Me explores that balance.


Shara Bialo is a fellow type 1 who happens to be a pediatric endo, and that dual-perspective is one that many of us in the patient community wish we could find more often. But our friend who blogs at Diabetic Doc recently came across a professional insult from a colleague that kind of makes the blood boil... Don't worry, Shara, we love you and think your patients are in great hands!


Heather Gabel DisneyLand Badge

This great post by Heather Gabel over at Unexpected Blues looks at the sometimes controversial issue of "playing the diabetes card" and how we use the word "disabled" to describe ourselves, even at Disneyland.


There are a lot of fundraising efforts for all different things in the Diabetes Community, but this one pretty much takes the cake for April with cute kids and a pirate D-Advocate we all know and love.... and all for a great cause!


Ah, the fun of SWAG'ing (scientific wild a@* guessing) when faced with carb-counting and insulin-for-food dosing... UK-based Anna Presswell shares a story on her Insulin Independent blog about the always-confusing D-math that comes with carb counting.


Do you label your diabetes supplies and kits? D-Dad Tom Karlya thinks you should, and he has some handy advice.


Finally, so many of us in the DOC are active on Twitter and other social media channels, but what happens when we burn out on social media just like we can with diabetes? That's the DSMA Blog Carnival topic for April, and many of our DOC friends have shared interesting thoughts on that.

We share our favorite picks each month, and would love to include yours! Please ping us with your picks for the month of May via email. We look forward to hearing from y'all.

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