They say that April showers bring May flowers... 

Of course, this month has once again also brought us some great blog posts from the Diabetes Online Community (DOC)! Here are some of our faves, in no particular order:aprildoc

Those of us in the D-Community know well the stresses of living with chronic illness... and so we saw our own stories in many of the posts included in this month's Patients For A Moment blog carnival hosted over at Oh My Aches and Pains! Thanks, Selena, for hosting this month's roundup.

What's in a name? A lot of debate, apparently, as we saw this month thanks to a petition calling for changes in how we classify the two main types of diabetes. Over a hundred folks commented on our discussion post on the topic here at the 'Mine, while countless DOCers shared their opinions on their own sites. A couple that caught our eye in particular included the brilliant "bike analogy" by Courtney at Ride To Remedy, the straight-up 4 points from our own Wil Dubois at Life After Dx, and the call for unity by Manny Hernandez at the Diabetes Hands Foundation. All worthy reads!

Christel at The Perfect D has been participating in the Health Awareness Writers' Month Challenge, and she shared how she would feel if there were no social media -- yikes! What would we DOCers do?!

How cute is this?! D-Mom Hallie Addington shares how her young daughter, Sweets, got to interview actress Madeline Trumble, who is a type 1 and plays Mary Poppins in the hit Broadway musical! What a great little Type 1 Reporter you are, Sweets!


Hey, medical research is important. We know that, but still glad to see D-advocate Scott Strumello reminding us of this with a post about legislation that needs support to ensure Congress keeps up its commitment to funding for the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Scott even drafted his own letter to his lawmakers that we can use as a template. Thanks for bringing this to our attention, Scott!


D-mom and type 2 PWD Amy explores that universal linguistic debate about whether we "control" or "manage" our diabetes... And she wants to know what the D-Community thinks, so make sure to stop on over and share your thoughts.


Did someone say "Diabetes Prom??" Yes, Courtney Slater did over on C's Life With D... apparently, this long-desired event is in the works for 2014! So, where are we meeting up and who's driving the limo?


We are not fans of sensationalism in the media, and type 1 D-blogger Melissa Lee wants everyone to know that this is her pet peeve -- even from within our own Diabetes Community ranks.


In the fight against diabetes, we've got our very own superheroes like The Diabetic Duo and Ninjabetic on the scene! This fun Marvel comics-style video guest stars our friend George Simmons and has a great message about teamwork when battling "the evil villains" of diabetes!

An ongoing clinical trial is happening for the Bionic Pancreas, and a fellow type 1 named Anna is participating; she shares her thoughts in a series of posts over at MyGlu. This is so cool to hear about, and we can't wait to read a roundup of her overall experiences.hopeword_art


Someone found D-dad Scott Benner's blog Arden's Day recently by Googling, "How close is a cure for type 1 diabetes?" His heart ached, and he wrote this post about the difference between hoping and living.


Great stuff this month, as always. Please send along your own D-post picks for May to us via email. We look forward to hearing from y'all!

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