Just before we strut into November -- our big National Diabetes Awareness Month -- it's worth taking a moment to look back on what this past month has brought us from the Diabetes Online Community Halloween Roundup Icon(DOC). There's been a whole lot of action in October, and despite today's Halloween theme, the posts we've seen have served to inspire us more than scare us.

So before you head out for some trick-or-treat action this evening or turn on some scary Halloween flicks, be sure to check out some of the online treats that we felt deserved a spot in our DOC blogosphere goodie bag today. Enjoy!


Pumpkin IconOf course, since today is Halloween we just had to share this great post by Rich the Diabetic that features a Zombie Apocalypse Guide for the D-Community! As Mike's a fan of The Walking Dead and tends to think the zombie apocalypse is a question of "When and not If," how could this post not make our October DOC Roundup list?


Pumpkin IconAnother DOC friend, Karmel Allison over at A Sweet Life, had the exciting chance to meet President Obama... and she has a whopper of a story to share about almost "fainting" in front of him during a nationally-televised speech on the Affordable Care Act. Wow! We're glad everything turned out OK, Karmel. Plus we enjoyed seeing you on CNN, The Daily Show, Piers Morgan and more. Sometimes diabetes advocacy works in mysterious ways!

Tom Hanks

Pumpkin IconDid you hear? Actor Tom Hanks has type 2 diabetes! The news came out when he appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman earlier this month. Those in the DOC living with type 2, like Diabetic Dave, were anxious to share the news -- while our friend Bennet Dunlap at YDMV wrote about how he appreciates Tom keeping it real when talking about his diagnosis. Nice to have a celebrity spokesperson who knows his facts!


Pumpkin IconFinding new type 1 veterans to connect with is always fun, but we love it even more when they're also new D-bloggers! So it was exciting to discover Dan Fleshler, a professional writer and media strategist in New York, who was diagnosed more than 50 years ago, start sharing his story over at The Insulin Chronicles. Welcome to the DOC, Dan!


Pumpkin IconWe're all about getting patients involved in healthcare policy discussions and related conferences, but apparently not everyone agrees. Longtime type 1 Scott Strange takes note of this comment: "At events like these, patients are a distraction when HCPs want data first, implications second. It's for the best, trust me."  Yes, someone actually said that...


Pumpkin IconSadly, our onliBlue Candlesne community said goodbye this month to one of the early D-Mom bloggers, Shamae. She blogged over at Welcome To Our Crazy, Happy Life about her family that includes three beautiful girls, one with type 1 since early 2008. She brought many other D-Moms into this community. She didn't pass away as any result of diabetes, but a wave of parent and adult diabetes bloggers honored her with posts on Oct. 22, and this trio of beautiful tributes from Nicole, Joanne, and Kelly caught our eye among the many. Our thoughts are with Shamae's family.


Pumpkin IconAnd when it comes to death, D-Mom Moira McCarthy wonders if it's time we as a community create some etiquette on how we use the dreaded Blue Candle when someone dies as a result of diabetes. What do you all think?


Pumpkin IconGeorge "Ninjabetic" Simmons has some strong feelings about insulin being used to motivate type 2 PWDs, and how it can be used to judge and stigmatize those with diabetes. Preach on, Brother. We totally agree.


Pumpkin Icon"Your Diabetes May Vary" is a strong mantra we go by in the D-Community, and the same applies to whatever treatment someone may use that works best for them. Fellow D-Blogger Hannah McDonald at Dorkabetic reminds us of that, when we're talking to others who may not be using the same treatments we find best.


Pumpkin IconJust because it's on the Internet, doesn't mean it's true... even in the DOC. As much as the DOC has some great people, there are some who just aren't what they seem and are telling upsetting tall tales -- of which one bad example was exposed this month. The wise Bennet Dunlap helps us all to understand the underlying problem here, a "faking it" syndrome oddly called Munchausen by Internet.


Snake Oil on Android


Pumpkin IconSpeaking of scams, nobody likes Snake Oil... not in diabetes management or anywhere in the healthcare world. Christel Aprigliano found some in the online world recently and she shares a list of Digital Snake Oil to beware of.


Pumpkin IconD-Advocate Chris Snider was thinking recently about what it's like to know your body and know when it's time to take a break and even be ready to step aside from diabetes advocacy. Handy insights to keep in mind, we think, especially when it comes to advocacy-heavy times like we're about to see in November for the big D-Awareness month.


Pumpkin IconOur type 2 friend Mike Durbin at My Diabetic Heart has been struggling lately and finds himself working to "break those bonds" in his D-management.... we wish you well, Mike.


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