After a busy summer, we find ourselves transitioning into Fall with the Diabetes Online Community (aka DOC) bristling with activity. The array of great posts are as diverse and beautiful as the changing Fall colors. Whatever the platform — blogs, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or media coverage around the world — there’s quite a bit to take note of from September 2019.

Here’s a look at some of our fave posts from this past month, in no particular order:


Exciting to hear that two powerhouse diabetes orgs — JDRF and Beyond Type 1 — have teamed up for an alliance aimed at amplifying each other’s strengths and working doing more and better for the T1D community. They’ve explain that the new collaboration will center around three core pillars: Community Programs, Advocacy, and Communications + Education. Which means that together, the groups will promote community programs like events and peer support; create a powerful and united voice to influence public policy; and develop digital storytelling that’s both engaging and informative about type 1 diabetes research. We look forward to seeing what’s ahead!


Congrats to our Canadian friend and diabetes meme-creator Kayla O’Connell (and her hubby Mike), who just welcomed their first baby! Read all about it and see some intense cuteness over in this post at Kayla’s Life Notes.


The big diabetes conference known as EASD (European Association for the Study of Diabetes) took place in Barcelona, Spain, earlier in the month, and many well-known advocates and friends were among the thousands of medical and industry folk attending from across the world. We followed the highlights with the #EASD2019 hashtag, and especially loved seeing the creative coffee mugs on display there promoting a fun “Coffee + Diabetes Problem-Solving” message. Thanks to D-peep Renza Scibilia in Australia for sharing this on Facebook.


Of course, a newsworthy protest over outrageous insulin prices took place in front of the Eli Lilly corporate HQ in Indianapolis, with 100+ people attending. There was a daytime rally and candlelight vigil aimed at honoring those who’ve died as a result of rationing insulin due to unaffordability / lack of access. We covered that as did local news media there, and many in the #insulin4all communities online were sharing photos and POVs on the “act of civil disobedience” that took place.


Speaking of insulin prices and advocacy, D-Dad Tom Karlya wrote a passionate post about the issue and how he believes we should keep our advocacy sights on Washington D.C. Well said, Tom!


Did you know that Sept. 19 was Talk Like a Pirate Day? Well, AAARRGG… we didn’t until the funny Brad Slaight at @DeeHeroSquad had a little pancreas-themed fun with it on Instagram…


General Hospital is a TV sensation for many, and how cool to learn that the show recently included a two-day story arc with a character named after one of our own in the Diabetes Community! It turns out that one of the soap opera scribes is actually a D-Mom herself and a big fan of Scott Benner’s Juicebox Podcast — so much so, that she in part wrote the name of the character in honor of Scott’s T1D daughter Arden… Very cool!


If you haven’t yet, make sure to check out the Sweet Basal blog written by a longtime T1 and twin mom. She shares a bunch of different style posts that include a recent “Letter of Support and Encouragement” to those newly-diagnosed with diabetes.


Sure, it was tough to pass up a post with the headline, “This Doesn’t Happen To Me!,” written by Neil Greathouse over at Beyond Type 1 about his unfortunate recent experience of going into diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA). We’re bummed this happened, Neil, but glad it turned out OK and that it can serve as a sort of learning experience. Thank you for sharing this story!


Teens and diabetes, oh what a joy for D-parents that can be! We so much appreciate this honest, down-to-earth post by D-Mom Meri over at the Our Diabetic Life blog. With multiple sons living with T1D, Meri has some serious street cred on those teen experiences. Kudos to her, and all the parents out there who are dealing with it.


Dogs of Instagram is quite a phenom all on its own, and we couldn’t help but crack a smile at this eye-catching image from @diabetesalertdog of a diabetes alert dog using an artistic Instagram photo filter. Nice blood sugar there, too!


Our hearts go out to longtime D-advocate @Landileigh, who’s struggled with diabetes complications, and was just recently diagnosed with uterine cancer. Hang in there, Landi! We’re sending love…


We were also sorry to hear that veteran D-blogger Laddie in Minnesota recently lost her beloved black lab, Abby — who wasn’t exactly a diabetes alert dog, but was a part of our DOC in her own right as she semi-regularly shared some D-themed posts from her doggy-POV. Laddie shared this “best of” writeup, as a way of saying goodbye.


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Thanks to all for great works this month!

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