As we ease into November — National Diabetes Awareness Month — it’s worth taking a moment to look back on what this past month has brought us from the Diabetes Online Community (DOC). There’s been a whole lot of action in October, and despite today’s Halloween theme, the posts we’ve seen have served to inspire and entertain more than scare us.

So before you head out for some trick-or-treat action or turn on some scary Halloween flicks, be sure to check out these online treats that we felt deserved a spot in our DOC goodie bag today. Enjoy!


Hey there, Halloween! Yep, the Diabetes Community can have a lot of decorating and dress-up fun for this holiday, while also navigating the (potentially) scary onslaught of candy and sweets that can wreak havoc on blood sugars. Thanks to Children with Diabetes for offering fun “Halloween Hacks” and snack ideas, plus a handy carb-counting guide, and diabetes-themed costume ideas. Check out the Instagram hashtags #DiabetesHalloween and #HalloweenDiabetes for more…


ICYMI, Beyond Type 1 and JDRF announced a new “strategic alliance” recently that will see them collaborating in new ways and working together more closely than they have before. This isn’t a merger, but it does mean they’ll be streamlining some aspects of what both organizations do for our D-Community. D-Mom Stacey Simms posted a great interview on her Diabetes Connections podcast with both orgs’ CEOs — Thom Scher at BT1 and Aaron Kowalski at JDRF — that’s definitely worth a listen for more detail on this latest development.


One of our own in the D-Community is runng for Congress! Diabetes advocate Quinn Nystrom in Minnesota announced that she’s thrown her name into the hat for a U.S. House of Representatives seat in 2020, standing on her fierce #insulin4all advocacy and past local government experience in her community. Whatever one believes on the political front, we’re wishing our fellow D-peep the best of luck!


Speaking of insulin access and affordability, has noticed the very high number of online petitions related to this topic and decided to create a hub for them all. They’re using the “Affordable Insulin for All” tagline for the landing page. What a great one-stop resource for our community!


Who could resist reading a diabetes blog named “Misfit Parenting with Cupcakes“? Not us, obviously. We enjoyed seeing D-Mom Beth share nuggets from her life with two kiddos who both have invisible illnesses — one ADHD, and the other type 1 diabetes. There are a string of great reads on her site including “In Which Diabetes and ADHD Wage War Within My Brain.” Welcome to the DOC, Beth.


Did you see that Omnipod and Dexcom making a scene on The Voice recently? That caught the eye of DOC’ers when one of the contestant’s girlfriends gave her guy a hug and we could see a Pod on one arm and CGM sensor on the other arm. Great cameos for D-devices there!


We love Australia-based D-peep Renza Scibilia, a global diabetes advocate who never hesitates to keep it real when it comes to life with diabetes, and calling out BS when required. That’s why we had to smile and cheer Renza on recently when two different online debates arose. She’s a big proponent of #LanguageMatters for those of us with diabetes, and she called out healthcare professionals (HCPs) who blame people with diabetes by “grading them” on their diabetes management. And then, we enjoyed her snarky “No Free Pass” vlog that followed Twitter trolling by an “anti-vaxxer” and “wellness guru” who was advising people with diabetes to get off-line. This kind of stuff brings on head-shaking, fist-clenching rage. So way to go, Renza!


Another D-blogger in Australia, Frank Sita at T1 Writes, published a post that also touched on the notion of doctors “grading” people with diabetes on their A1C results. He went after that as it relates to threats of diabetes complications and scare tactics. Seriously docs, you have to do better!


If you weren’t aware, Oct. 6-12 also happened to be Mental Illness Awareness Week. Our good friend Mike Durbin over at My Diabetic Heart shared a candid story about his diabetes and congestive heart failure diagnosis and how that all played into the alcoholism present in his family. He’d first openly shared this on National Sober Day in September, because it ties in so closely with mental health. Thank you for sharing this with all of us, Mike, and way to go on those 11 years you’ll soon be marking.


A diabetes poem titled Sequelae made its way into JAMA (Journal for the American Medical Association) in October, written by D-Mom Rachel Elizabeth Morgan in the language and literatures department at University of Northern Iowa. It’s about her son’s life with diabetes, the pros and cons of insulin-dependence and ever-present fear of future complications. Very powerful stuff.


So much diabetes waste materializes from used supplies and devices, but one enterprising T1D has found a a genius way to make use of those big plastic Dexcom G6 sensor inserters!


You’re always in for a treat of insight when reading D-Dad Tim Brand at the Bleeding Finger blog, and his post about “Life on the Edge” is no exception. He offers an update on his world these days, and juggling all the variables — work, diabetes, family, advocacy, etc. — it evolves.


It’s always fun finding new blogs, like this one called Sweet Basal written by a fellow T1D who happens to be a mom to twins. She has a great sense of humor, and we LOL’d several times reading her posts that include a fun “Basal Bites” series and one with the title, “Honey, Can you find my Insulin Pump? A New Way to Annoy My Husband with My Diabetes.” 🙂


Before we part ways for trick-or-treating fun, here’s a great timely vlog from Molly over at Hugging the Cactus that’s all about Halloween and diabetes… What a dark and spooky opening there that fits the mood for this eerie holiday.


Happy Halloween, Diabetes Community!

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