Here we are wrapping up another Diabetes Awareness Month. This November has been as prolific as ever, with some hot topics brewing across the community.

Please enjoy this roundup of social media posts that caught our eye during the month of November 2019 — and don’t forget to let us know about any you’ve read that stood out for this month or next.


Thanksgiving is, of course, a time to be thankful and appreciative of those in our Diabetes Community who’ve made a difference and touched lives. D-Dad Tom Karlya took some time recently to reflect on the overlap of Thanksgiving and Diabetes Awareness Month.


With gratitude, we’re also sending props to longtime T1D Kelly Kunik, who just marked her 12th year of writing in the DOC over at her Diabetesaliciousness blog.


DOC Inspiration is also a point that Molly writes about in this post at Hugging the Cactus. We certainly echo her appreciation for the many great people we’ve had the honor of meeting around the online community over the years.


On World Diabetes Day and D-Awareness Month, our wise Australian advocate friend Renza at Diabetogenic notes that being aware is a noble concept, but wonders who we’re raising awareness for during the month of November. Great question to ponder.


The Blue Circle as an international symbol for diabetes always pops up as a topic this month, and two posts in particular caught our eye: from the artistic Mike Durbin at My Diabetic Heart, and the esteemed Anita Nicole Brown on Instagram. Both are true advocates making a difference through their eye-catching creations.


The Bachelor, Diabetes-Style…. OMG! This nearly 7-minute video went viral just in time for “November Sweeps” season, and it’s gotta be one of the most creative and fun things we’ve seen around the DOC in quite a while. It’s sponsored by diabetes bag and supply case company Myabetic, hosted by the personable Rob Howe of “Diabetics Doing Things,” and features some notable names from around the D-community. We found ourselves LOL’ing over the dramatic Highs and Lows of courtships, and clever lines connecting everything back to diabetes. Definitely a must-see, and who knows… maybe a strong contender for a “Diabetes Oscar” during our upcoming awards season in early 2020!


Patience is key for those of us with diabetes, and that’s tied to many different aspects of life with this condition — including that ever-elusive cure we’ve been promised for so long (despite it being just around the corner). Be sure to check out this post by Frank Sita in Australia, over at Type 1 Writes, about being grateful that researchers have patience to study on.


Congrats to Scott Johnson, who completed the arduous Death Valley bike ride for diabetes recently and has now shared more about that experience over at Scott’s Diabetes blog. For those who don’t know Scott, he’s one of the OG DOC’ers who started a blog over a decage ago and now works with MySugr.


Please, Call Me Fat Again! This blog post by Mila Clarke Buckley over at The Hangry Pancreas is so darn important, and we felt our blood boiling when reading along. Weight-shaming is never OK, and while we wish it wasn’t necessary for her to pen this in the first place, we’re proud of Mila for sharing her POV. You go, Girl!


Diabetes Art on display. If that’s your thing, do not miss this masterpiece posted on Twitter by T1D-peep Mike Natter. Quite the creative use of old diabetes supplies, no?


Dogs and diabetes is a connection that’s always share-worthy, right? We caught this post at The Bark Blogger, in which the author Amshi interviews her cousin Katherine, who runs the Living DiaBettersite and lives with a wonderful diabetes alert dog named Blaze. (You can also find them at @Life_With_Blaze on Instagram, as well as our own interview with Katherine here at the ‘Mine.) Thanks for the multi-faceted diabetes post over there at The Bark Blogger!


Medicaid coverage for diabetes is a critically important topic and our friends at DiaTribe have put together a handy resource to help our community navigate that complicated universe of coverage at the state levels.


#BeyondPowerful. You guessed it, this is a hashtag-oriented campaign / program hosted by our friends at Beyond Type 2, part of the non-profit Beyond Type 1 org. It’s meant to engage and empower those within our community touched by T2 diabetes. We’re looking forward to seeing what emerges from this iniative.


Teens with diabetes aren’t always the most visible in our ever-expanding DOC, but we’re thrilled to find Connor from the UK who recently joined our online community via @T1D_Teenager on Instagram. He has some fun memes posted there, along with other things that are great additions to the “keep it real club” in diabetes. Great to see you on IG, Connor, and keep up the great connecting!



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