Here we are post-Thanksgiving, moving into the Holiday Season once more — and wrapping up yet another November, as National Diabetes Awareness Month. This year’s D-Month has been as prolific as ever, with some interesting wins and hot topics brewing in the Diabetes Online Community across the many platforms.

Please enjoy this roundup of posts that caught our eye during the month of November 2018 — and don’t forget to let us know about any you’ve read that stood out for this month or next.


Diabetes may not always be the most immediate thing we think of in the context of “being thankful,” but November brings the Thanksgiving holiday that prompts us to reflect on our levels of thankfulness — even in the face of life with diabetes. Over at Diabetes Daily, we enjoyed reading these responses from people with type 2 who were asked to share their thoughts on why they are thankful, despite T2D.


Marking D-Awareness Month, we liked this diabetes ‘Do and Don’t’ list from Pancreas Problems over on Tumblr that really ought to be promoted among the general public at any time of year.


With November being both D-Awareness Month and Thanksgiving time, we enjoyed these two posts by Stephen Shaul at Happy Medium that fit nicely together — one on “being thankful” and giving everyday (rather just on one day designated #GivingTuesday), as well as finding your “right-sized” voice in whatever way you advocate on diabetes. Cheers to November and that spirit all year round!


You never know quite what to expect when a bunch of people you know online get together in real life… and that was certainly the case in early November, when three dozen DOC’ers from many different platforms — Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, the blogosphere, and beyond — came together in Chicago for an event sponsored by glucagon company Xeris Pharmaceuticals. There was a lot of serious discussion, as well as fun and smiles and hugs. And of course, an obligatory group photo!


Tennis balls and diabetes… what a great analogy for what we live through with this condition each day! D-Dad Tom Karlya shared that in a post kicking off the month, noting how even with all the awareness-raising underway, sometimes going through the motions doesn’t account for a sudden shift in how the ball bounces.


We love our video-savvy T1 friend Danica who’s quite the hit on YouTube. Now on Facebook she’s created a super-quick 6-second video for World Diabetes Day showing off her diabetes gear color-coded in D-awareness blue especially for that big diabetes day! Way to go, Danica.


Take a look at this amazing drawing by T1D-peep Dana (@glucose101 on Instagram), who illustrates her past diabetes tech based on a photo of her younger self. Now in her 17th year of D-life, she’s a new Omnipodder and Dexcom CGMer and she shares this about how the online D-community has made such a difference in her life: “I’ve made so many friends in the DOC and I’m thankful for that. I know some people don’t believe that you can have friends online but I think a lot of us would disagree. If I never made an Instagram or Tumblr, I’d be in a totally displace by now.” Great to have you here in our online D-Tribe, Dana!


Longtime type 1 blogger Laddie at Test Guess & Go has written a Diabetes Country Ballad, which we were bummed to hear because it illustrates the tough times she’s been enduring lately. We’re sending the best vibes her way, as well as our heartfelt wishes to her beloved black lab Abby who went through surgery a couple months ago!


At the Life of a Diabetic blog, Chris Stocker has started a new interview series featuring some fellow PWDs from around the DOC. He has several of them so far, including this one with diabetes podcaster Ali Abdulkareem. Thanks for featuring these many different voices within our community, Chris!


The ever “shocking cost” of diabetes has been in the news and sparked DOC chatter this past month, from local news publications and broadcast stations tackling the issue to more national coverage. Notably, there this high-profile video tweet from former presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders featured fellow type 1 Elizabeth Rowley, founder of the T1international non-profit and #insulin4all movement that’s grown over the years. Worth checking out!


Speaking of cost issues, we have to recognize Phyllisa Derose, who shared this very personal post back in October, titled “How The Price of Insulin Changed My Walk With God.” As you may remember, Phyllisa was one of our recent Patient Voices winners recently who attended our DiabetesMine Innovation Summit in San Francisco, and she shares her savvy takeaways from that experience.


Over at DiabeticSelfies! on Tumblr, we came across this “PSA for D-Brides” from T1D-peep Sam at Sweet & Low, who recently tried on dresses with her insulin pump in tow… A huge congrats, btw, and props for keeping a smile in that D-selfie as you focused on getting ready for your big day!


Advocate and author Riva Greenberg puts it simply on her blog: “How many chances I have to be wrong every day.” Yep, it’s a sad reality when it comes to living with diabetes… luckily, we have some great tools and tech to help out, not to mention wonderful D-peeps from around the community to connect — and commiserate with — as needed. Thanks for sharing, Riva.


Complications aren’t fun to experience, let alone talk about publicly. But that’s so hugely important. Thanks to Chris Aldred at The Grumpy Pumper for being open to talking about his D-complications that have impacted his life, and how stepping forward with those issues can play out.


Waaafffles! Yes, waffles are pretty awesome. Though they can wreak havoc on blood sugars if we enjoy them too much without keeping D in mind. This post by D-Dad Scott Benner got our tummies grumbling a bit for waffles, as well as being a good read.


Ever heard of a Confirmation Low? Yep, it’s totally a thing… we could feel ourselves nodding when seeing this visual definition posted by Kerri of Six Until Me over on Instagram.


On the podcasting scene, Diabetes Daily Grind had a great interview with future 2020 Olympian Kate Hall who hopes to go for gold in the long-jump. Take a listen!


For another fascinating earful, be sure to tune in to David Harlow talking with #WeAreNotWaiting pioneer Dr. Joyce Lee from the University of Michigan, about important healthcare ‘maker movement’ and design progress she’s observed and been a part of in her work as a pediatric endo and researcher. Great stuff!


Tis the season for decorating for the holidays, for sure! Check out how our happily married D-friends Chris Snider and Dayle Kern collected dozens of empty insulin vials to convert into holiday lights. Way to repurpose old diabetes supplies as creative Christmas decorations!


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