We’re now nearing the middle of 2019, which is simply amazing. How quickly this year is going by!

Of course, the summer months bring a bevy of diabetes conference activity and we’re excited about that, but it’s already been a busy May — from Mother’s Day to Memorial Day — with plenty of banter about life with diabetes. Here’s our rundown of great Diabetes Online Community (DOC) posts that caught our eye this past month, in no particular order:


A warning by the FDA recently sparked questions and concerns about the use of Do-It-Yourself technology and closed loop systems, and with all the news coverage D-advocate Katie DiSimone wanted to clear the air. She dives into what the regulatory advisory actually says and how the #WeAreNotWaiting community is responding. Definitely worth a read!


Meanwhile, our DOC has marked the end of an era, with popular longtime blogger Kerri Sparling signing off from Six Until Me this month after 14 years of writing online. We’re happy to hear Kerri will remain active in the diabetes community, even if she’s not posting at SUM anymore. Here’s to wishing our friend well as she moves forward to whatever comes next!


With May marking Mother’s Day, we enjoyed listening to this special Diabetes Connections podcast by D-Mom Stacey Simms and a trio of other moms from our community, talking about the now 30-year-old Steel Magnolias movie that contains a certain “controversial” diabetes plot line that has ruffled the feathers of females with diabetes for decades now.


This chuckle-worthy meme found in a Dexcom CGM goup on Facebook had us smiling and shaking our heads… and also wondering if we were hearing our own CGM and D-devices beeping in the background. Props to whomever made that in the D-Community! 😉


It’s always a joy to read the stories shared on Beyond Type 2 (a new program launched by the Beyond Type 1 organization), and we certainly enjoyed reading this Mom’s Day themed post from Ashley Leigh about how she lived with T2D while she was pregnant, not once but twice. This is just one of many great shares over at BT2, so we definitely recommend visiting there if you haven’t yet.


There’s been a flurry of news stories about people from our D-Community traveling outside the USA to obtain affordable insulin, and the “Caravans to Canada” concept is one that captured quite a bit of attention recently and will certainly remain a hot topic as we continue fighting an Insulin Affordability and Access Crisis here in America.


Speaking of insulin affordability, Colorado passed a law earlier this month that capped private insurance co-pays for insulin at a max of $100 — no matter the amount of someone’s monthly supply need! It’s a first in the nation, and while it’s a great step forward and can be a guiding light for other states and even the U.S. government, Stephen Shaul at Happy Medium takes a look behind the headlines at what this really means, for those in Colorado and beyond. 


D-Dad Tom Karlya has noticed an uptick of division within the Diabetes Online Community, but he doesn’t want to see in-fighting continue in adovocacy or personal views on life with diabetes. Wise words, Tom. Thank you for saying what we needed to hear.


Our hearts break when reading “My Biggest Fear Came True,” by longtime T1 friend Chris Stocker at The Life of a Diabetic, as he shares that his young daughter was recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. We’re sending all the hugs and best vibes to Chris and Family as they set out on this new journey with two T1Ds in their household.


Did you by chance catch the final season of Game of Thrones? Well, even if you didn’t watch this series at all, you can probably smile and appreciate this “Game of Hormones” meme shared within the DOC. It also touches on infertility beyond just diabetes, we hear…


Getting older is always challenging, even without diabetes on board… but Laddie at Test Guess & Go describes some of those changing guideposts on targets and treatments that come along with diabetes as you get older.


Over at her long-running Diabetesaliciousness blog, Kelly Kunik shares her experience of going into “Scout Mode” on a recent spontaneous road trip where diabetes was, of course, along for the ride.


The DOC is Worldwide! Well, of course… that isn’t new. But it’s always cool to see how people are connecting and sharing online when it comes to diabetes, and how that translates into real-life experiences too. Thanks to Renza in Australia for sharing this story about the DOC in Manila.


We don’t often share company posts, but this Lilly-branded T1 Everyday Magic blog post, “Fleeing the Fire with Type 1 Diabetes,” caught our eye. It’s written by a D-Mom named Kim who shares the heartbreaking story of how California wildfires impacted their world and how those ever-important diabetes supplies were top of mind when this natural disaster hit home.


This one is a JDRF fundraiser, but it really embodies the summer spirit with its many golf-related events for good causes. We love this idea of Fifty-for-Father, organized by Pete Crozier in Ohio who aims to play 50 golf courses in different states across the USA in that same amount of days. He’s doing this to not only mark his own 50th birthday this year, but in memory of his father who passed away in 1998 as a result of complications from type 2 diabetes, and also raising money and awareness for type 1 diabetes, which is son Gavin was diagnosed with at age 4 over a decade ago. Pete started on May 27 in North Carolina and plans to finish at Worcestor, MA — on the very course where his dad learned to play golf.


So that’s what is on our radar for this past month. How about you, D-friends?

Please keep your eyes peeled in June for your own favorite posts of the month, and send us your picks via email. We look forward to hearing from you!