We’re happy every month to find and feature outstanding posts from around the Diabetes Online Community (DOC). Whether in the blogoshere, or on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr or Twitter, there’s a whole lot of diabetes sharing going on. As the sports world is going a bit crazy right now with March Madness, we’re recognizing our picks for the “DOC brackets” this month

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Community division can be troubling, especially when it puts a wedge between those who live with T1 and T2, or any other type of diabetes… Our D-peep Grainne Flynn from Ireland shares her insights on this at The Medium recently and says simply: It must stop! We concur 100%, Grainne!


Speaking of community, we loved reading this post by T1 D-blogger Stacey Divone at The Girl with the Portable Pancreas, on the power of our DOC and how that “sense of community” has meant so much to her over the years.


If you weren’t aware, March 8 was International Women’s Day and we saw many remarkable posts online recognizing female power… but this one in particular caught our eye on Instagram, in which California D-Mom and T1 Keary Clearly (@GraceAndSalt) posted a photo of her daughter Zola Jo, just being awesome while also living with diabetes. We are definitely smiling about what the future holds!


Dear Diabetes: You’re Not Invited To My Wedding.” Of course, we couldn’t NOT read a headline like that over at Beyond Type 1, where fellow type 1 Liz Gilmore shares her story of wedding list To-Dos and how she’s doing her best to ensure that her chronic condition doesn’t interfere with the big day.


Good friend and T1D advocate Riva Greenberg spoke at the Lions Club Day with the UN recently in New York, sharing her own D-story and talking up the importance of the International Diabetes Federation’s global work. Way to go, Riva!


Ever wonder what it might be like to climb Mount Everest while also living with diabetes, or maybe cycle a single hill in one ride that’s the equivalent ascent of the great mountain? Type 1 adventurer Neil McLagan is doing just that and chronicling his experience — while also raising money to help Insulin For Life Global, in getting critical insulin, diabetes supplies and complications-screening to PWDs in nations across the world. He’s using the hashtag #everesting19 and plans to complete this Everest cycling adventure on March 30, so go cheer him on and wish him well.


We loved this Instagram post by The Diabetic Survivor, showing off a really cool guitar with so many diabetes stickers attached… that must certainly make the music-creating experience even more interesting! 🙂


We checked out the new Type 2 and You blog by Megan, a certified diabetes educator (CDE) who lives with T2D herself, recently and think it’s a great resource to share with our community. Thanks for adding your voice to our DOC, Megan!


ICYMI: The first ever Microsoft Xbox diabetes avatar is now available, thanks to work by type 1 tech blogger Scott Hanselman who made it happen. Very cool!


The power of positive thinking is an incredible force when it comes to life with diabetes, and we enjoyed this post by D-blogger Jen Grieves on what diabetes has taught her about happiness.


This Glamour magazine article online touches on the very important issue of mental health and chronic illnesses, and we so appreciate T1 writer Larkin Clark sharing her story on how that “second full-time job” of managing life with D has changed her thinking on mental health.


Sometimes, the world can be an incredibly inspiring place when people show how good-natured and caring they can be. This Twitter #actofkindess post by a Utah D-Mom warmed our hearts, and we had to share it in our monthly roundup…


Choice can be a loaded word in the diabetes world, for sure. Renza at Diabetogenic reminds us of this with an insightful post on attending the big ATTD conference in Europe last month. She observes: “With the shiniest of the shiny and newest of new technology and the most impressive treatment options available to people with diabetes on show, the vast gap between the haves and have nots is stark.”


And to wrap up on a happy note, we smiled when seeing this Facebook post from the Diabetes Alive org in Australia about a D-meetup that included an incredible guy who’s lived with T1D for 68 years!



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